Bitmap to Mesh
Generates a 2D or 3D mesh from a bitmap image.
Bitmap to Mesh

Generates 2D or 3D meshes from bitmaps.

From heightmaps you can easily generate terrains or any other surface.

Image entities can be converted into 2D pixel grids.

Note! Generates two triangles per pixel!
250x250 pixel image generates a mesh of ~125K faces! ( 250 * 250 * 2 )

Menus & Toolbars

  • Draw » Mesh From Heightmap
  • Context Menu » Mesh From Heightmap
  • Context Menu » Mesh From Bitmap


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ThomThom's picture

There is a bug in the API with the file extension. Try importing the image into SketchUp as an Image entity - then extrude that.

Andriy K's picture

Do you know what's my problem: BMP file doesn't open. Closer revision shows that in 'Select BMP file' window the 'File type' blank is empty and options pops up empty as well.

Also no reaction at 'Mesh from heightmap/bitmap' from context menu.

Using Windows 7. Tried with SU 8 and SU 2013.

Scott Lininger's picture

This is a very handy little plugin. One thing to be careful about... like the author says, large bitmaps can take a long time to process.

In a future version it would be nice if it provided an estimate of processing time, and a warning if it's going to be more than a few seconds.

ThomThom's picture

Yea, and I've also been thinking of perhaps adding a viewport drawn slider that would let you reduce the amount of pixels that will be used. With some kind of gauge that will display how many faces will be drawn.