BIMobject Sketchup app
The BIMobject® App for SketchUp has functions to quickly browse the BIMobject® Portal database online and filter among all objects from building- and interior manufacturers.
BIMobject Sketchup app

The BIMobject® App for SketchUp is one of the most advanced of all our apps. Developed for both Mac and PC, it’s the perfect tool for architects and everyone else looking for an app with more advanced features.

This app has all of the latest features including cloud integration, direct download, product information updates and version checking. It also includes integrated BIMail™ functions, a news section and a toolbar with featured manufacturers.

The BIMobject® App for SketchUp toolbar

Browse products

The complete BIM object catalogue of the BIMobject® Portal is integrated into SketchUp. Search for any SketchUp. file directly in SketchUp., without having to shift between windows. 

Product information

If you want more information about a product, simply mark it and click the info button. 

Check for updates

The app’s connected to the BIMobject® Portal and thus ensures that all the placed objects are the same version as on the portal. If there’s an updated version of a product, the new product information is transferred directly to the already downloaded file. This unique feature makes it possible for manufacturers to update product data and add new properties to already downloaded objects, while users are certain that they work with the latest version of all objects. 

User settings

This is where you find your User Identification Key. 


If you have questions about a specific product you can contact the manufacturer directly from within SketchUp, while manufacturers can use BIMail™ to inform users about product news and updates. 


This button takes you to our press room with general news, updates and press releases. 


Simply click this button if you need any help. 

Featured manufacturers

This unique feature gives building and interior product manufacturers the opportunity to market their products with a Branded App Icon in the toolbar in the user's program of choice. Through a simple click on the specific manufacturer's button, users can browse all the products in the manufacturer's Private Cloud. 

This direct marketing tool makes it easy for users to find and use a manufacturer's products directly in their design, increasing the chance that the products are included as early as possible in the design phase. It also drives more traffic to the manufacturer's Private Cloud, which generates more downloads and more leads.

The Branded App Icon is updated on a monthly basis through our web services, and is directly connected to the cloud solution at

For further information, please contact us at


Zooen's picture

I'm waiting for the 2018 version. And also 2019, SketchUp 2019 will be released in the end of the year, you are very late.


i have troubles... i cant seem to find "Extension" on Windows>Preferance>

i have troubles... i cant seem to find "Extension" on Windows>Preferance>

hello sir
i have some problem in bimobject i install extension and i dont know the user id and i give them wrong id how to fix kindly help me

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Working fine for me till now. NO issue at all. Good plugin.

hello .. i can not download any object from bimobject to my sketchup ..
i don not know why ?!

Very familiar interface & useful for layer management PressureWashersLab
you can glue it to other windows, and it automatically resize like the other windows above.....


Very familiar interface & useful for layer management PressureWashersLab
you can glue it to other windows, and it automatically resize like the other windows above.....


I will certainly be running a different write-up concerning them as well as musicallylogin infected a lot larger demographics; when it initially launched simply over a years ago.

Great job!

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Jeff F.'s picture

I'm trying to load an MTU generator into sketchup using BIMobject. I have the .rfa model locally, and can find it through the BIMobject browser. The problem is that the model won't download from the app, and there doesn't appear to be any way to load a model from a local drive. Any help would be appreciated. Using Sketchup Make 2017.


Hi there. Are you looking to have it signed? it is saying outdated signature and I can't seem to get this on my toolbar.

Saana K's picture

So it is not compatible with the new SketchUp 2017? I tried to install the file. My computer could not open the rbz-file straight. I tried to open the file in SketchUp 2017, but it just said that the file is not a SketchUp Model.

Elham F's picture

Hi. You need to load the file from within SketchUp. In SketchUp, go to: WIndows> Preferences> Extensions> Install extension.

Jacob P.'s picture

Worked fine in 2017 for me. Good plugin. My only issue was too many models not available with a Sketchup version.

samir T.'s picture


Julian S's picture

Does this involve paid content / subscription?

BIMobject Team's picture

Hi Julian,

No our service for uses, is totally free of charge. All you need to do is register and you are up and running. You can download as much as you like once you are registered.


ezadden R.'s picture


DIego D. C.'s picture

No puedo acceder me sale :

" No se puede encontrar la pagina web" http 400

Instale, Desinstale volví a instalar y me sale ese error.

como lo soluciono?

Uso la versión 2015

john t's picture

Downloaded and installed plugin

Mac OSX 10.9.5

When selecting BIMobject under Plugins in SketchUp 2014
A browser window pops up with the following message

Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.

BIMobject Team's picture

Hi John,

Can you please send me a screen dump of the error message? Please send it to

Thank you

Jack M.'s picture

Looks cool..

BIMobject Team's picture

Thank you :-)

Don't forget to chech out this youtube video It shows how you populate your Sketchup content with information on the fly!

Àngels T.'s picture

trabajo con ALLPLAN, y supongo que como tal encuentro a faltar sus librerías BIM, espero que pronto lo tengáis en consideración.
muchas gracias y muy buen trabajo

vikas P.'s picture

thanks for making such a crazy.........

BIMobject Team's picture


We have just released the brand new version of the BIMobject® extension for Sketchup. The BIMobject® app for Sketchup has been rewritten from the ground up. All of the issues below, that have reported, have now been solved. Please download the new extension and update to the latest version.

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me at


Alex N.'s picture

i download the object but i can't put it on the model

晓峰 余.'s picture

can't use in china?

yunqiang z's picture

The app looks very cool , but because of the use of it,my sketchup2014 can‘t work normally.for example,when I download something,if I choose"run“,my sketchup 2014 will run a new window,I have to choose"save".besides,BIMobject Sketchup app makes vray for sketchup2014 can't edit light.I hope you can solve these problems.

Jens H.'s picture

i am using a sketchup 2014pro test version. I had expected that the objects can be directly loaded into the program. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The modells i downloaded where no components, neither had any product data appended. This is not BIM!

BIMobject Team's picture

Hi Jens,

Have you downloaded the latest version of the BIMobject app? By using the update function, you are able to populate, any, Sketchup model with all the relevant data. The data that is added to the components is the information you can find on the BIMobject portal for that specific product. Check out this Youtube video for an in depth explination.

The benefits, for both users and manufacturers, is that the information in the components is always upto date. Now that Sketchup has IFC support, I would say that this is BIM, all of the information in the components is included via an IFC export.


doodoo O.'s picture

how to get api key?

Wai yip W.'s picture

Good Object!! Thanks!

Wai yip W.'s picture

Good object


Francois S's picture

It looks like the catalog interface uses "IE" Internet Explorer :( (I am on Windows).
Every time I open the catalog search window all these irritating standard IE messages come up that you first have to click OK on before you can continue working. Then also IE makes browsing super slow!
Is there a way to switch this interface to use my much faster and stable default and preferred browser as engine like Google Chrome or Firefox?

This catalog is great but when I download and object, the download bar appears and stays there forever, nothing downloads (firewall permissions granted)

Tim V's picture

Hi Ben,

With the plugin i can scroll threw the objects in BIM but when i download something. I see the BIM download helper and see the bar that it downloads the object but when download is done i dont see the object on my screen. Where does it stays?


Cool, works like a charm!

Nicola Z's picture

In Mavericks it's impossible to download objects from Sketchup 2013 extension window.
The download links doesn't work...

BIMobject Team's picture

There have been reports coming in to us regarding crashes with the MAC OSX version. This is a Mavericks specific problem and has now been fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please don't hesitate to contact me at if you have any problems.


risoto's picture

Hi Ben,

I am running the app with SU2015 on a mac and I cannot directly download a model into sketchup. I guess this should be possible. Otherwise the app is useless. Any ideas? I just downloaded the app so it should be the newest version.

Thanks Christian

BIMobject Team's picture


Do you get any error messages? What happens? Can you please e-mail a step by step explanation?

Holly B's picture

It seemed like it was going to work, but when I downloaded from the direct download, it got all the way to the end and just froze. I had no option but to cancel the download. . . . would have loved to use it for the spec properties though.

Chris F's picture

works pretty well for me, handy place to pick up some specific objects rather than having to troll through sketchup itself. Only picky bit is that some more content would need to be added for me to give it 5 stars

harlour .'s picture

Looks very cool but it has already crashed 2 out of 3 times I tested it…

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