Bezier Surfaces from Curves
Create and edit various kinds of Bezier surfaces from Bezier curves, arcs, circles and lines
Bezier Surfaces from Curves

This extension adds a toolbar and items to the Draw and Right Mouse Button Context menus with tools to create Ruled RectangleTranslational RectangleCoons RectangleSwung/Surface of Revolution, Ruled Triangle and Coons Triangle rational Bezier surfaces from bounding non-rational and rational Bezier curves, arcs, circles and lines.

The kinds of surfaces you can create (availability of the tools) depend on the number of curves you have selected and on whether they share common endpoints, as demonstrated in the animations above.

Once the surface has been created, the tools will put you into the editing tool for the newly drawn surface. If needed, the surface can be edited to be the way you want it to be by moving the points or lines of the resulting control net or adjusting the "weights" of the control points.

Inferencing is available when a control point or line is moved along with inference locking using the Shift key. Hitting the Esc key during a move will reset the surface to the way it was before the move started.

In order to change the weight of a non-end control point, hover the cursor over the control point you want to change the weight of so that it is highlighted in green, type the new weight you want for it, without moving the cursor away from the control point, and press enter or return to influence the shape of the surface.

Later on, selecting an existing Bezier surface drawn/edited with these tools and using Edit Rational Bezier Surface or Edit Bezier Triangle in the Right Mouse Button Context menu will also activate the editing tool for the selected surface.

Also, shamelessly plugging another of my paid extensions, the Rational Bezier Surface Properties extension can then be used to edit the resultant Bezier surface's properties such as degree(s) and number of segments used to represent/display it.