Bezier Surface of Revolution
Create and edit Bezier surfaces of revolution using Bezier curves, arcs, circles & lines as the profile
Bezier Surface of Revolution

This extension adds items to the Right Mouse Button Context, Draw and Edit menus with tools to create and edit various kinds of surface of revolutions including spheres, hemispheres, domes, cones, torus etc.

The draw tool, "Bezier Surface of Revolution", becomes accessible in the Right Mouse Button Context and Draw menus on selecting a Bezier curve(nonrational or rational), arc, circle or line on the XZ/Red Blue/Front/Back plane as the profile curve. Once the surface has been created, the tool puts you in the editing tool for the newly drawn surface. If needed, the surface can be edited to be the way you want it to be by moving the points or lines of the resulting control net or adjusting the "weights" of the control points. The edit tool can also be activated later on by selecting the surface and choosing "Edit Rational Bezier Surface" from the Right Mouse Button Context or Edit > Group menu.

Also, shamelessly plugging a couple of paid extensions of mine,

  1. the Rational Bezier Surface Properties extension can be used to edit the resultant Bezier surface's properties such as degree(s) and number of segments used to represent/display it and
  2. the Bezier Surfaces from Curves extension can be used to create generic Swung surfaces where the trajectory curve is not necessarily a circle, along with other kinds of Bezier surfaces