Bezier Surface
Create bezier surfaces from bezier patches.
Bezier Surface

This extension was supposed to be a commercial product. But due to time constraints I've after four years decided to release it as open source in order to prevent it becoming vapor ware.

It doesn't contain all the features originally intended in the product plan but the project is available on BitBucket under the MIT license for anyone to improve.

Forum thread where you can discuss and ask for help:

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  • TT_Lib² — 2.7.0


I'd be happy if you donate a cookie (or a beer) if you find my plugins useful.



the icon doesnt appear in toolbar.

do you know what could be the reason?

i restart the program and still.
and looking in extension maneger and its enable..


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In my case, the tiny toolbar was off by itself on my laptop monitor, not on the external monitor where my SU items should live. That wasn't a SU issue, just my setup being funky.

What I think IS an issue, though, is that there's only one button on the toolbar, as I think others commented. If that's truly the case, then it's not usable anymore.

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There is one normal toolbar button. This is the one for the tool to create a patch.
When you double click that path, opening the component instance it created, then a new floating toolbar appear with the editing tools.

Hello, I really like your development of the plug-in, you are my idol!
Recently I was using Bezier Surface Tools, but I found that there was a bug in the UI UI and only half the content was displayed.


You. Are. Amazing.

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When the editing toolbar appears, I can only see half of it (the upper half). I think it`s because I use a 4K monitor?!

Cannot give you a cookie neither send a beer (I live in south of France). I can only congratulate you for your effort and for the good job you did ! It works like a charm in SUMake2017 and I find it extremely useful for several purposes.
Good job ! And may the Greater Force gives you back even more than what you gave ! :-)

Hi, the toolbar is not complete on my sketchup... there's only the "Create a Quadpatch" button.
Could you help?

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Are you referring to the tri-patch? That was just a spaceholder in an early prototype, but was never implemented.

Thats all I have too. Just the create quad patch

André L's picture

same with me

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after drawing quad patch blue i can't activate by editing the patch. why?

Should this work in SketchUp Make 2017? I only see the blue button and when I create a new bezier surface the Ruby console reports:
Error: #
/users/alex/library/application support/sketchup 2017/sketchup/plugins/su_dynamiccomponents/ruby/dcobservers.rbe:887:in `get_attribute'
/users/alex/library/application support/sketchup 2017/sketchup/plugins/su_dynamiccomponents/ruby/dcobservers.rbe:887:in `onActivePathChanged'
/Users/alex/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Plugins/TT_Lib2/model.rb:25:in `start_operation'
/Users/alex/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Plugins/TT_Lib2/model.rb:25:in `start_operation'
/Users/alex/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Plugins/tt_bezier_surface/tool_create_patch.rb:134:in `onLButtonUp'

No toolbar with extended tools appears when I open the plane's group.

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Bezier Surface should work as long as you updated TT_Lib to the latest version.

As for that error message you got some the console, that's an odd one. Looks like Dynamic Component is interfering. Never seen that before.

This is a fresh install and TT_lib is at version 2.10.9. Note: I am on macOS Sierra 10.12.2. Any idea where to go from here? (I can confirm disabling the dynamic components plugin makes the UI for bezier surfaces come up)

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Can you start a thread in the SketchUp forums on this topic? It's easier to follow up on questions there - we can share images and files there. Tag me; @thomthom

Sorry about that, hadn't realized how immense that console log was.

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o shi# this is insane ..I love it !!

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It would be wonderfull for OSX ...

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Brillant Tool! but there is a way to creata a circle plane instead of sqare plane?

Brilliant tool!!

I've downloaded, uninstalled and reinstalled however it will only install 1 part of the tool bar - the blue square and nothing else. So, it seems you can create a surface but have no way to manipulate it. Any idea on how to move forward with this? Cheers .

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Once you have drawns a bezier surface square you open the instance in order to get the editing controls.

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please axsis bzr not work ...whay

Alex Delgado's picture

Problems to download extensions!!...Hurry to fix!!

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I'm not in control over the Extension Warehouse. I just upload my extensions here. Problems with this site must be reported to Trimble. You might want to try the SketchUp forums for that.

Btw, when reporting problems, please describe what the problem is. Otherwise its impossible to figure out what to look for.

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Hello! I am really needing this tool and was really keen to use it, but unfortunately is not working on my model. I have a macbookpro (2016), OS X El Captain 10.11.03, and sketchup 2016 (free version). I also have the required plug-in TT_Lib² — 2.7.0. Any idea what can I do to make it work? Thanks in advance :)

ThomThom's picture

Hi. Can you elaborate to what isn't working? Error messages etc? Is it just one particular model?

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Hello! I am really needing this tool and was really keen to use it, but unfortunately is not working on my model. I have a macbookpro (2016), OS X El Captain 10.11.03, and sketchup 2016 (free version). I also have the required plug-in TT_Lib² — 2.7.0. Any idea what can I do to make it work? Thanks in advance :)

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Your extensions are amazing, changed my life in work! Thanks a lot! When you come to Goiânia, near Brasília in Brazil, send a message, I'll sure pay the beer!

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i install the bezier thingy and i can't find it! it doesn't show !! do you know what should i do ? please it's important

ranier p's picture

why i cannot see the icon?

i already install all the requirements... restart... still cannot see the icon when i right click at the icons bar

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You might have to check it in Preferences->Extensions. There's a list with all installed extensions and a checkbox before each of them :)

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Huge thank!

Syed Ahmed F.'s picture

my last wish is this plugin worker on normal sketchup drawing O:)

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Man ThomThom you really need to finish this, its the tool I need to be able to create more organic shapes when I design houses.

This is one of the houses I created using some of your other tools on youtube

Its called the Dragon House

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Amazing work on Lumion and really good conceptual design. What I want to know is how you got the transparency of materials to work in Lumion. When i import models from sketchup 2015 into lumion, materials tend to lose their transparency.

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I saw in you second video that when you draw Bezier Surface. It has many control points but when
draw I have only 4 control points only on the corner. How can I add more control point except add more Bezier plane.


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The video was from an early prototype before I added the handles.

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How do I download it if my computer doesn' recognize the .rbz file format?

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It has nothing to do with the computer itself. It's up to SketchUp to recognize it. And it will :) Just download it. Then open your SketchUp and go to Window->Preferences->Extensions->Add New Extension. It will open a new window where you can locate the .rbz file. Double click it and wait for it to install(it will tell you if you have to do anything more). Cheers!

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great work

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Hello Mr Thom.
At first, I little troubled. the Bezier Surface floating toolbar didn't wanna show up. I use windows 7 ultimate. SU 2014. TT-Lib2--2.7.0 -everything was okay. I click the "Create a Quadpatch Bezier Surface" and draw it. seems okay, but the control point didn't appear. i went doubleclicking, edit group, open my Preference> Extension(it already there-all my extension), i try it several time, install, then uninstall, close the program, open again, and nothing got changed. It once had a bug crash, it takes 30 minute or so. Finally, I went click the Bezier Surface> right click> edit group OR Bezier Surface> doubleclicking. This time it works. Does it normal? I just worried, but this extension did awesome work. Thankyou so much.

ThomThom's picture

Does the toolbar never appear? (And are we talking about the black one that appear when editing?)
When the control points doesn't appear, do you see any errors in the Ruby Console if you open it before trying to use the extension?
I do have a fix for once case where I know the points doesn't appear, update coming soon.
I also have a fix for a crash that happen when changing the number of segments to less than 3.

(Btw, can you post follow ups in this forum thread? It's easier to follow up there as one can format text and attach files etc.)

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Thank you very much for your reply. The problem is solved by installing the extension again. It looks something went wrong during first installation attempt.

Bert Neut

Bert N.'s picture

This besier function addon just does not work on Win7, not appearing in toolbar.

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The extension should work under Windows 7.
Did you install TT_Lib2 as well? Did you restart SketchUp? Still no toolbar? What about the menu?

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Just to add, with SU 2015 Pro. I installed the TT Lib library and then the extension. I closed SU and re-opened and it is sitting there under the DRAW tab. Just curios is there user info for it?? I have selected : invert and seen the axis grips and control points as in most CAD programs. Very cool and will have the weekend to figure it out. Thanks and ..... what flavor beer do you prefer. IPA??

My bad..... I did not even notice the 3+ minute video to view with the other selections. Blinded by the "new tool" anticipation!! ...Peace.....

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I have Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and I am using the plug-in.....I as stated above installed 5 days ago. I have made the mistake in the passed, failed to realize that I needed to close Sketch Up and re-open it to use the plug-in // extension. The dialog box will tell you it is installed and ready to use, but I guest it is like a Windows update: you must shut down and re-open for it to be applied. Only after I re-open Sketch Up will the tool bar appear on the screen... frustrating but I am using it right now.

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