Bezier Curves through points
A tool to create Bézier curves that pass through user selected data points
Bezier Curves through points

This extension is similar to the Bezier Curve Tool from the SketchUp Team except that this draws the Bezier curves to pass through the points you select instead of using them as the control points for the curves.

To draw the Bezier curves:

  1. Choose Draw > Bezier Curves through points
  2. Set the degree of the curve in the Value Control Box(VCB) to be one less than the number of points you want the curve to pass through. You can change this value at any time, even after you start creating a curve.
  3. Click to set a start point
  4. Click again to set the end point of the curve
  5. Click to set the intermediate points you want the curve to pass through
  6. Repeat the steps from 2. to get all the curves you need

Once the curve(s) have been created, you can use the Edit Bezier Curve tool installed as part of the Bezier Curve Tool in the Right Mouse Button contextual menu of the Bezier curves to modify them further if required.


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Josh D.'s picture

works, but is there a way to increase the number of line segments that create the curve?

Jacob Samuel's picture

This extension doesn't have a way to change the number of segments of the curve but the paid extensions B-Spline Curves through points(, Bezier Curve Manager( and NURBS Curve Manager( do have ways to do what you want.

how can I create a closed shape to extrude?

Jacob Samuel's picture

If the start and end points of the curve are coincident and all the points lie on the same plane, SketchUp should automatically create a closed shape/face at the end of the curve creation that can be extruded using the Push/Pulll tool.

Thank you for your answer

need it