Axis Cam
Control your camera with keyboard along axis.
Axis Cam

Control your camera with keyboard along axis.


  • Move the camera along X & Y axis using the arrow keys.
  • Move the camera up or down the Z axis using the "w" & "s" keys.
  • Modify Field of View with "a" & "d" keys.
  • Multiply the speed by two when holding "Shift" key.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Plugins » Renderiza Tools » Axis Cam
  • Toolbar button » Axis Cam


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It controls your camera with keyboard along axis. It moves the camera along X and Y axis using the arrow keys. It moves the camera up and down along the Z axis. It modifies the fields of views. It multiplies the speed of camera by two.dementia home care

You can also influence the shape of the curve by changing the weights of the control points. To enter weights explicitly, hover the cursor over the non-end control point you want to change the weight of so that it is highlighted in green, type the new weight you want for it, without moving the cursor away from the control point.

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Michał P's picture

Not working (SU 2017).
The menus appear but the keys are non-responsive. No reaction to keys, the camera position doesn't change.

atek s's picture

good plugin i like it but it works only with group not with components can u tell me how to work with components

Nathan P's picture

Please update for 2015!

Davesh S.'s picture

good plugin .....but difficult to handle!!!

Андрей Н.'s picture

Helpful plugin, thanks. But it would be even better if it allows to move camera within target point too.

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Doesn't work

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