Axes Tools
Bulk reset of group and component's axes.
Axes Tools

Small utilty that reset the axis of components to their bounding box' centre or corners.

Useful for them pesky DWG imports where the insertion point of the blocks are really far away, causing the components to jitter.

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Hi Thom Thom

Just a querie, rather than a review.....

Do you think this ultility would help with clipping problems? I imported a terrain with apartments, trees etc to a model I had set up ready for rendering. Initially all my views were fine and test rendering great, but after importing this largish Sketchup model most of my views (scenes) appeared all screwed up and peripheral clipping was rife. This has improved greatly but certain views that were previously fine now have clipping and so rendering will be a waste of time on these views: its typicalyl close views in small spaces or wide angle views that show the problem. I have tried many fixes and that improved things greatly, but certain views remain clipped. The terrain and associated components have a different origin to my model and my origin is at the centre of my model. The 2 origins are about 650 metres apart so not a million miles. The UTube I watched on this problem really addressed shimmering when the origin was literally hundreds of miles away. So this is not the case here.

Any advice welcome



Works great, is there a way to reset goups within groups?

I keep getting .IFC formats and as the axis/origins so far away the model moves around when orbiting making it unwork able, but there are so many levels to the outliner that it can be quite a time consuming repetative process.


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I just ran into the need for this myself this weekend.

I added an issue in my tracker to add this:

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Thank you

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Any chance you could add 'World' as part of the options in the drop down lists, so that we can originate the component/group axes to the world axes?

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You're a legend mate!!!

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this is time saver indeed :) thanks thom.

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Also a massive time saver when saving out Components to libraries where Axis locations can be quickly reset - Bravo!