AW Proxy for Enscape3d
Create (low poly instead of standard box) proxy from component in SketchUp to use with Enscape3d
AW Proxy for Enscape3d

Convert component to Low Poly proxy:

1. right click on a component which you want to replace with a low poly version and select the option "AW Create Proxy"
2. all instances of this component will be replaced by the low poly version and the original component is saved in the same location as the SketchUp model.
3. when using Enscape the low poly version will be replaced by Enscape for rendering

- Edges should be turned on in the Style to see the proxy in SketchUp
- Only use on components with nested components which aren't used in other places in the model. All entities inside these nested components will be cleared!

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AW Proxy for Enscape3d (1.01); December 3, 2018
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