Auto Magic Dimensions
Auto magic dimensions Sketch-up plugin. Automatically add dimensions easily to your drawing with a click of a button.
Auto Magic Dimensions

Auto magic dimensions Sketch-up plugin

Automatically add dimensions easily to your drawing with a click of a button.

Speed up your work flow with this new sketchup plugin which can added dimensions to raw geometry or Groups and Components. The dimensions are automatically added to the layer that you are aligned to when you click a button, this allow you to switch off layer when viewing your drawing with multiple dimensions showing, There are many advance hidden features built in, for example you can set the offset of the dimensions in the settings option, this is handy as you cannot do this with sketchup native tool. Dimensions can be added to multiple groups and even gaps between groups with one click, such as a run of kitchen cabinets can be selected and with one click all the sizes appear automatically as if by magic.

You can also move the dimension in 3D space so that if you want the sizes shown on the back of an object instead of the front, just hold a modifier Key and bang the magic happens again. Download a trial version today and get more time to do Cad drawings and not tediously adding dimension struggling to click on end points only to find that you are in x-ray mode and all you dimension were added in the wrong place.


Test it now (14 days trial period)!



thank you very much

Makoto I.'s picture

I tried it. If there is a circle, it is regrettable that the dimension striking is done.

In the case of a circle, I want a setting not to be dimensioned.

Michael N's picture

Hello, I just downloaded a trial version, and it does not look like the icon I see in the tutorials.
It says auto, and looks like it only shows the horizontal measurement line. I must go up into an Extensions drop down menu, which allows me to select either horizontal or vertical dimensioning each time. The label All Dimensions does not work.

Have I done something wrong?


Hello, I purchased Auto Magic Dimensions extension but it won't install. I've gone through the 'My extensions' page in the extensions warehouse, clicked install and a dialogue box says it is ready to use but my extensions page says the extension is uninstalled and I get a license error.

gavin s's picture

same problem 10 7 2018

Brighter3DSD Ltd.'s picture

We are looking for a solution...

sandeep n's picture

iam trying to purchase showing card invalid . can i download this from dubai olease help me

Kimber B's picture

Hi Sandeep,
you need to contact 3D Warehouse support about payment or try another Card payment method, I hope they can resolve it.

Best Regards,
Kimber B

Immanuel F's picture

I just purchased this tool and I'm sorry to say but it's not working like I would like it to. I'm trying to dimension group objects in a group. So what I'm trying to do is going inside a group and dimension the objects inside. Exploding the (big) group first does work but grouping them together afterwards does not really speed up my workflow...

Brighter3DSD Ltd.'s picture

Hi Immanuel,
you do not have to explode/create group each time you need to dimension object inside.
Just go inside group, then select one or more objects and dimension them.
If it is not working for some reason at your side, please send me your scene file with description at support[at] I will check it.

Best Regards,

M B's picture

Is there any way I can pay for this in installments

Kimber B's picture

It is such a small payment MB are you serious? You can pay by paypal.

Brighter3DSD Ltd.'s picture

I do not think so, you can ask extension warehouse team for sure...

daniel p's picture

Great new options in this updated version. I can now adjust the native dimension offset. Great work sketchup 2017 plugin auto magic dimensions

daniel p's picture

That is real handy, makes dimensioning a breeze. Dead accurate every time.

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