Auto-Invisible Layer
When turned ON, the visibility of a newly created layer will be set to OFF for all your existing Scenes
Auto-Invisible Layer

This extension was created to help with the following scenario:

Manually created layers have their visibility property set to invisible or "ON" by defualt. When created in a model that contains previously created Scenes , the new layer will be automatically visible in every existing Scene. Problem-->  If a user wishes the new layer to be invisible or "OFF" in the scenes, the user may have to go through each individual scene to manually update the layers "OFF" setting .

When the Auto-Invisible Layer extension is turned ON, upon the creation of a new layer, it will automatically go through each existing Scene and set the new layer visibility to INVISIBLE/OFF. This is done automatically as the layer is created through SketchUp's standard Layer creation methods.



  • After installation, turn the extension ON by going to the Extensions menu > Auto-Invisible Layer ON/OFF.


  • The extension is session based.... ie you will want to turn it on everytime you start a new SketchUp sesson.  
  • The extension will work only on new layers created through the standard SketchUp layer creation methods.  The plugin will not work with Scenes/Layers introduced through the File > Import of files