Augment- Augmented Reality
Bring your models to life in augmented reality
Augment- Augmented Reality


Bring your products to life in augmented reality with Augment.  Visualize your models in the real world environment in real time from your smartphone or tablet.  Augment’s open platform makes it possible to upload, share and visualize 3D models – from buildings, to furniture, to consumer goods, and more.

The Augment for Sketchup plugin makes uploading your models seamless.  Upload your models to Augment quickly and easily.

Get started today by signing up for Augment for free.

Installing the SketchUp plugin:

1. Once the plugin is downloaded, open the SketchUp software.
2. If SketchUp is on Windows, go to menu–>Windows–>preferences.
If SketchUp is on Mac, go to the menu–>SketchUp–>Preferences.
3. Click on Extensions–>Install Extension.
4. Locate the Augment plugin and click ok.
The Augment uploader has been added to the menu in Plugin.

Using The SketchUp plugin:

1. Go to the menu–>Plugin–>Augment Uploader.
2. The plugin window opens.
3. Login with Augment account username and password.  Create an Augment account here if you don't have one.
4. Add the model name, category and privacy settings.
5. Click on Upload.
6. Once the upload is complete, go to the app on our mobile device and select the model.


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I can not wait for this new technology

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Looks amazing. I can't wait to try it in real work. And I am definitely sharing this item to my colleagues at - I am sure they are going to love this extension. Thank you!

Also tried this out of interest, and got the same error message as regibbs5. Really annoying and sent an email to the about this as they seemingly haven't answered here yet.

regibbs5's picture

Very disappointing . installed and tried to upload a simple 3d cube as a test. got an error that said i had reached my limit of saved models. then it said i needed to make a payment to upload more models. What a let down.

Sander K.'s picture

I've tried Augment for a little now. I so wanted this to be a real thing. Imagine your interior design come to life before you actually move the furniture, or paint the walls. Imagine your building before you when it's not even built.

But the app keeps crashing during startup, I can't upload any models (it tells me it's the wrong format, when I'm using one of the suggested formats). I really hope some hotfixes will come out soon, so I/we can enjoy this in it's full glory.

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Augment is the leading augmented reality platform that enables you to simulate your 3D models in augmented reality. Augment’s open platform makes it possible to upload, share and visualize 3D models – from buildings, to furniture, to consumer goods, and more – in the real world and in real time, at scale.
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