Attribute Inspector
A viewer and editor for entity and model attributes
Attribute Inspector

This is a viewer for entity and model attributes. Attributes in SketchUp are additional pieces of information that can be stored with any entity, like groups, components, scenes. For example one can store a part number, unit price, weight  or notes with an entity and read or modify that information later. All attributes are included in SketchUp's report feature.

This inspector tries to keep the user interface minimal and very efficient: Just like SketchUp's inspector dialogs, it lets you select one or more entities and displays their attributes. By editing the text fields, changes are immediately applied to the entities.

Usage: (Menu) Window → Attribute Inspector

The dialog shows the attribute dictionaries of the currently selected drawing element. Use SketchUp's selection tool to select another elements.

Press the +, buttons on the left side to add or remove a attribute dictionary, and press +, on the right side to add or remove an attribute.

To select other types of entities, choose the type from the dropdown and do:

  • drawing elements: use SketchUp's selection tool to select one or more drawing elements in the model (edges, faces, groups…)
  • definitions: use SketchUp's selection tool to select components/groups/images
  • materials: use the materials browser and select a material. Attribute Editor will show the current material (could be not working on OS X due to API bug)
  • layers: use the layer manager and check the radio button of the layer
  • scenes: use the scenes manager and double-click the scene (to make it the current scene)


Eneroth3's picture

If you have the time for adding it it would be appreciated with curve as an option in the entity type dropdown. Again, great plugin!

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Great extension. Love the batch attribute editing! The only improvement I can think of would be to remember the state of "Entity type" and "Allow editing grayed values".

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This extension is great. It doesn't deal with the Length type however. I had to add a line of code to convert lengths to string.

if value.class.to_s == 'Length' then value = value.to_s end

Thanks for making this open source.

muhammad amir y's picture

Hi, does this plugin allows changing dimensions of geometry using attributes?

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Very nice!

Well done Aerilius

ivano E.'s picture

could your plug in give me not just the dimensions but also positions of the elements?
Thank u

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The plugin is focussed on displaying the so-called "attributes" that the user or another plugin has stored with an entity. It does not give info like the Entity Info dialog does, though that would be a good idea for another plugin!

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