Arcs Circles +
Additionnal commands to draw arcs, circles, polygons and ellipses
Arcs Circles +

Additionnal commands to the "Draw" menu and toolbar, to draw arcs, circles, polygons and ellipses, entering points, radius, length, angle, tangent, accuracy (number of segments). Works on any plane, witn any line,at model level or embeded in groups or components.


He starts the circle on the Lateral, how do I start the circle through the center? Does he have this option?

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Which tool are you talking about ?? I can't answer this without precisions.
None of the tools starts a circle from its center, because native tools do.

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Great Extension. Muy buena utilidad


In SU8 don't see icons.
Empty window. :-(

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I have exactly the same issue. In folder there are bunch of png icons but not shown on toolbar....

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i also have the same issue. does anyone know what might be the issue. thanks

What about 2017? ))

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Test it, it works.

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great plug in!

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I will try it..Thanks

superb plug-in!!

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very good... thanks to you

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Great extension!!!!!!!
Thank you.

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Very Helpful tool

Thanks a ton

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LOVED this extension in sketchup 2013, just downloaded 2015, and it doesn’t work…how soon before you update?

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Hi Terry,
here you are, extension updated !

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hI D Bur I JUST LOVE YOU DIMENSION PLUGIN. Well done. Its awesome.
I would love to see the second button work. I think you have something very powerful . I would like to request feature for it. I would love to donate for something just slight improved vesion. Many thanks for you work

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thank you sir.
i was having trouble to draw ellipse . but with ur plug in i draw easy.

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everytime i use this it crashes the program and deletes the work. Help..... anyone?

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I would love some documentation on how to use this plugin. Not really self explanatory...

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the concept of this plugin if from autocad arcs, google it and figure out bro. its easy.

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Any chance this could be updated for SU 2014?

Tried it to see if it would work, but got bugsplat almost immediately while trying to draw ellipse - major axis ok, but bugsplat when I tried to specify minor axis.

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Is it normal that two figure created with that plugin do not create intersection? While with stock circle drawing I can Push/Pull intersection. Thanks.

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It would be nice to have a toolbar that I could add...would save me from always having to go back to the drop down menu.

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How do I stop the plugin from crashing. The first couple times I tried it it worked, but not every time it crashes and closes sketchup


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Thank you so much!!!! ^^

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Where do I find docs on how to use?

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"Additionnal commands to the "Draw" menu" is not enough? Look for the submenu "Arc Circles +" under the "Draw" menu.

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Même pb pour moi avec les ellipses sur Su 2013 pro.

In v2_0_1 the ellipse tool seems to crash SU v13.0.4812, pretty much every time I use it. I'd be happy to provide an SKP file and step-by-step instructions, if you're interested.

muy bueno