Architect Tools
Suite of tools for working with imported map data to generate buildings and stepped terrains.
Architect Tools

Selection of snippets I've written while working on DWG imported data. They are specially made for my workflow and is not always the most user friendly. Refer to the videos on how to use the tools.


  • Generate Buildings
  • Merge Solid Buildings
  • Fill Solid Holes
  • Select Non-Solids
  • Make 2:1 Road Profile
  • Move to Z
  • Contour Tool (For closing contour lines with open ends)
  • Extrude Up (For generating stepped terrain)
  • Project Down Tool
  • Magnet Tool
  • Move to Plane
  • Flatten Selection
  • Crop Selection to Boundary
  • Put Geometry on Layer0
  • Grid Divide

Menus & Toolbars

  • Plugins » Architect Tools
  • Toolbars » Architect Tools


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I install the extension but i cant see the extension on toolbar .Seems unsigned.

Mari C.'s picture

Hey Thom Thom! I love this plugin and use it for every single project I do!
One issue though: I've used the plugin successfully countless times but last time I used it the Generate Buildings option did not work. When it finished generating the building all it did was flatten the cad file instead of creating the volumes. Some other options like extrude are also not working properly. I don't know what happened :/ HELP!!

ThomThom's picture

Hi. Without seeing the model it's hard to tell what is going on.
Can you start a thread in the SketchUp forums please? ( It's easier to follow up on these types of issues there as we can exchange files and screenshots.

Gizem A's picture

Hi, it does not work. My sketchup version is 2017. plz help thank you!

ThomThom's picture

Can you provide some more details to what doesn't work?
What specifically isn't working? What are you expecting to happen and what are you observing? Are you seeing any error messages?
Without more details it's difficult to provide assistance.

Gizem A's picture

I install the extension but i cant see the extension on toolbar,

ThomThom's picture

Is the extension enabled? (Did you install the requred TT_Lib?)
Do you see the menu items?
Toolbar might not always appear automatically, did you look in the list of available toolbars?

jason e's picture


I've just installed but none of the menus are displaying - the tools are all there but the various menus missing. I'm running SUP16 with OS 10. The tools look really excellent and I'm keen to get started. Can anyone help please?



ThomThom's picture

Have you verified that the extension is loaded under Preferences > Extensions.

jason e's picture


Thanks for coming back to me. Yes the tools are displaying under Preferences/Extensions bu the menus are missing. Any ideas?



ThomThom's picture

Can you make a post on

It's easier to follow up with debugging there - sharing files and images isn't possible in this comment section.

jason e's picture

Ok will do.



jason e's picture


I've just installed but none of the menus are displaying - the tools are all there but the various menus missing. I'm running SUP16 with OS 10. The tools look really excellent and I'm keen to get started. Can anyone help please?



Wermund V.'s picture

Saw your video and almost jumped for joy when I saw you using the norwegian planning codes. This is the perfect plugin for me and my thesis in architecture. Hopefully it will work with the maps I get. Or rather that the maps are good enough to use...

Roberto Z's picture

Great tool!
Thom, you might like this web:!

l o's picture
l o

Amazing web!!!!! Thx for sharing

Lars B.'s picture

Best Sketchup plugin I have discovered so far. Incredible time saver and very intelligent features. Thank you very much!

Lars B

Abe W.'s picture

Wow, had to sign up with Google to get this download. Wasted about five minutes with them then had some hassle with trimble, then had to search again for this plugin, and agree to Trimble accessing my account instead of just downloading the plugin, by which time I wasn't bothered. Suppose I will never know if the plugin is any good or not.

Tommy V.'s picture

Anyone who has used any plugin has had to do what you are describing multiple times. It comes with the territory. Welcome to SketchUp!

Lars B.'s picture

Stop whining, please. People spend a lot of time making these things for us to use free of charge.

Sergio Candina's picture

The first button does not work for me

Manolo R.'s picture

i cant find the toolbar instead i´ve already installed it. Please help!!!!

ThomThom's picture

Did you restart SketchUp after installing the Extension?
What SketchUp version do you use?
What OS?
Are you getting any errors?
Is the extension enabled under Preferences > Extensions?
Is the toolbar not listed under the View > Toolbars menu?

Adi K.'s picture

i downloaded the toolbar and it looks fine, but i'm missing the crop button (which i need most)... any suggestions?

ThomThom's picture

Wait - you have all the other buttons in the toolbar, but you don't see the Crop?

What SketchUp version do you use?
What OS?

Crispijn V.'s picture

this looks like the start of making sketchup a bigger programme. I see some comparisons with thinkers 3d here which is a very positive thing.

Olav K's picture

Fantastic! Thank you so much! This saves me countless hours!

Christos L's picture

It appears from the extention warehouse that the plugin is installed in SU. But It can not be located in the plugins toolbar nor the View -> Toolbars section. I've installed and reinstalled the plugin again and again, restarted Su but still nothing.

Don Torbjorn's picture

Same problem here. None of Thomthoms plugins are visible in SU 2014. I didn't have this problem in SU 2013.

ThomThom's picture

Still having this problem? They should all be working.

Bor B.'s picture

I use Sketchup 2014 and the Architect Tools was in the Plugin menu. But not anymore. I had uninstal and install it again, but no result. Is there a solution for this?

ThomThom's picture

Any errors upon starting SketchUp?
Is it listed under Preferences > Extensions and checked off in the list?

Bor B.'s picture

It is working now. Don’t ask me what I did! Thanks

Christian T's picture

well done + thanks!
ps: your mouse clikcs are very loud in videos, maybe move your microphone - or get a quiet mouse :-) best, C

Xtech C's picture

or get a hp

Noah L's picture

Installed on to SU 8 free. I can see it in my list of extensions but it wont show up in my plugins or toolbar. Does anybody Know how to fix this?

Jeffrey R's picture

I loooove the tools and hate the quality of these videos.

I dont want to spend 27 minutes of my time watching someone tinker with the model so I can figure it out. You guys have some really impressive stuff here, for such a developed product its worth taking the time to show everyone an impressive display of architect tools in action.

Edwin H's picture

can someone post the instruction for this plugin in writing? urges me to learn to use, at least some basic tips, what happens is I do not understand the English spoken.

Dan D's picture

Installed the extension. It shows up in my list of extensions but I can not find or display the toolbar. I'm running Sketchup pro 8 on a mac

Eduardo Alvarez Muñoz's picture

I downloaded the files on this site rbz Plugins Folder SketchUp 8 and do not know how to make the toolbar appear and Architect Tools menu. How should I do to install these extensions?? thanks

I can not find the pluggin to import dwg into sketchup 2013. There was one for 7 but for this one .I can not find. Does anyone know about this?
Thank you

Couldn't install at first, but then I tried again - then it installed with success... Weird :)

geoffrey n's picture

i really like your tools! i have a site plan i'm working on...i draped the 2d curb line onto my design/contour grade there any way to now build up a curb on that? i tried your extrude up and drape the curb but no go ??

Milan K's picture

Need to restart SketchUp to see the toolbar, then select and deselect the toolbar under view->toolbars.

ThomThom's picture

There is now an update to SketchUp 2013 available that fixes the toolbar issue. Download and install the new version to fix missing toolbars.

ThomThom's picture

Regarding the missing toolbar - this is a bug in the initial release of SketchUp 2013. You can find the toolbar hidden under your existing docked toolbar. Undock them and double-click it in order to undock it.

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