Archelios PRO
Photovoltaic simulation : from modules layout to production and economics results.
Archelios PRO

Archelios is a all in one solution for photovoltaic simulations.

The SketchUp plugin allows :

  • Insertion of PV module from database (more than 10 000 components)
  • Replication of modules (layout) on surfaces (flat or not, with spaces between modules)
  • Evaluation of solar radiation in SketchUp
  • Transfer to Archelios software for production and revenue estimation:
    • Select and size inverters
    • Select an economic scenario
    • Get production, revenue, LCOE ...

Please go to for a trial version.

Check examples in our 3D warehouse collection.

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Cythelia is developping a software suite for photovoltaic simulations named Archelios Suite. We propose a SketchUp extension in SketchUp to get your PV simulations in your 3D models (for shadows effects and production impact).
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