Angle Between Faces
Displays the angle between intersecting faces.
Angle Between Faces

Displays the angle between two intsecting faces.  For example, in woodworking to determine the angle of the saw bevel.  Right click on one and only one line that is adjacent to two and only two faces.  The result will appear in the context menu.


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I have installed this plugin and if I go to "manage plugins" it shows the option to uninstall, so I guess it is installed. The problem is I can't find the plugin to use it. I have downloaded other plugins and these appear under the "Extensions" tab. I am using Sketchup 2017 and I downloaded your plugin from within Sketchup from the Extension Warehouse. Hope you can help.

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Just right click on the line that forms the angle between the faces. The angle will appear in the context menu.

got it

Hello Sir, I'm trying to load this exstension but am having trouble. Its is telling me to go to my exstension preferences and check the box beside the extension. I am not finding this box.

same here. what gives?

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Dear Daiku

Nice tool!

I am searching for a tool that can show the angles of surfaces in a SketchUp model - angles compared to the x-y ground plane.
If the angles can be shown by coloring the layers; fx horizontal surfaces turn red and vertical surfaces turn white and all in between are gradients of the two chosen colors.
I want to use the tool for surfaces generated with the Soap Skin & Bubble tool of a construction, to determine the angles of the surfaces for snow management purposes.

Thank you for your plugins,
Best, Mikkel

هشام ب.'s picture

Hi Daiku,
I tried your extension in both Sketchup 2013 and 2014
It works fine but, I don't know why, with a square pyramid it gives me wrong angles between the faces.
More explanation:
I have a pyramid. When I right-click an edge intersecting two triangles (above the base) of the pyramid, it gives me a wrong angle.
Thank you anyway
Good luck

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Yeah, technically, it's the angle between the two planes that the faces lie in. So depending on which way you go around the compass, there are really two answers. See if 180 minus the value shown is the result you were expecting. CB.

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It is my understanding that this function is created by a plugin.
Can you direct me to the download location or if there is another way to achieve this..

هشام ب.'s picture

Thank you for your quick answer
Yes indeed. Substructing the value from 180 gives the right result
Now I see why sometimes it gives a second value between brackets
Thanks again

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Hmmm. Does not work in 2014.

daiku's picture

Nothing should happen when you right-click on the menu item. The answer is *in the text* of the menu item.

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ok, but... in case of two faces with angle 89 degrees - which angle is 89 a which 91? hmm?

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Sorry, this has nothing to do with the extension ... I'm just fascinated that a software developer also worked full-time as a timber framer! The 2 professions just seem worlds apart!

daiku's picture

Yeah, I scratch my head about that sometimes myself. Greatly enjoy both. Hope to keep doing both!

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clever...nice one

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I have installed this but cant seem to get it to work. Please help!

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Select an edge that has exactly 2 adjacent faces, and right click. The answer appears *in the menu*.

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Excellent tool. It works great. Thank you.

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Hey I installed mine but nothing happens when I click angle between faces... help

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hahaha omg im so stupid

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Excellent, I am also into my woodwork (and I am a s/w developer!) and am making a smoke extractor hood for my outdoor kitchen with 6mm ply. This is basically a square based pyramid with an off centre apex where the chimney goes - I was struggling with the calculation for some of the edge cuts. Now all I have to do is work out how to set my saw to 11.17 deg!

Thank you. Works great.

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Why does this need access to my file system????

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Just to install the plugin. All plugins require this.

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Hey I installed it but when I click angle between planes nothing happens

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haha im so stupid lol

Awesome! Thank you!

Nice and simple. Thanks

Owwww nice!! Thanks!!

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I was a professional timber framer for ten years, and I learned Sketchup to design houses for my clients. Before I started timber framing, I was a professional software developer. I found myself with the right cross-section of skills to create these timber framing extensions for Sketchup. I'm back to writing code for a living now, but still teach timber framing, and 3D CAD for Timber Framers.