AMS Library
A plugin tool mainly used by AMS Window Settings extension.
AMS Library


AMS Library is a collection of tools and functions used to interact with SketchUp window and its sub-windows using Microsoft Windows API. It's capable of switching SketchUp full screen and changing visibility state of toolbar containers, status bar, scenes bar, and other elements of the windows. It is also capable of observing and making decisions to various events and messages of SketchUp window procedure. That is, AMS Library is capable of blocking and monitoring keyboard and mouse messages that reach Sketchup window procedure. Such feature is essential for developers who seek more control over SketchUp application, that is, for the purpose of creating games for example. As well, this library comes with many Windows API utilities that allow developer to tweak his/her webdialogs to a new level. In many ways, this library is written to achieve things that cannot be done with a standard SketchUp API.

This library is mainly used by AMS Window Settings extension.


  • Microsoft Windows XP or later.
  • Works under Mac OS X but with very limitted features.
  • SketchUp 6 or later. This library works both on 32 and 64 bit SketchUp applications.


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AMS Library (3.5.2); July 25, 2017
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