Advanced Camera Tools
Allows film and television pros to storyboard, design sets, visualize scenes, and plan locations.
Advanced Camera Tools

The Advanced Camera Tools (ACT) are designed for people in the film and television industry who use SketchUp pro to create storyboards, design sets, visualize scenes, and plan locations. Use ACT to place real-world cameras in your SketchUp models and preview real camera shots. You can read more about ACT in this SketchUp Blog Post. For an in-depth look at all the Advanced Camera Tools have to offer, check out the Getting Started Guide

The Advanced Camera Tools extension requires an active SketchUp Pro license.


unable to downlaod, shows some technical errors.
java technolgies

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Interesting to know about this advanced camera tool and it is mostly used for the people in the film and television industry.It is used in SketchUp pro to create storyboards, design sets, visualize scenes, and plan locations. tv providers

i need help for my videos on my newspaper

Dalibor L's picture

This plugin is causing some issues when importing legacy files (skp2016, skp2015...) into LayOut 2017.

When using parralel views black rectangles apear all over the pages when exported to PDF.

The plugin also changes properties when scenes with perspective views are selected. Black artefacts are also present.

I've been using this plugin for a long time, this is the first time such issue has presented itself.

Joe S's picture

I'm having the same problem when exporting. There are darkened rectangles throughout the exported jpg.

I thought this was free? I was using it originally and now I can't use it.

jaleel m's picture

how can I Install this plugin
I copy the rbz file to plugin folder but nothing happen
pl. someone guide me...
thank you

You gotta install the plugin in the program, go in the "window" section and at the "preferences" tab, go to "extensions" and there's a button called "install extension" and select the file you just dowloaded

Santiago F's picture

you never said it was for SketchUp 8 pro version ONLY, really hate that can't use something I was looking for a whole year

Sebastian M.'s picture

Has anyone tried doing a rendering with 'Visualizer' from an ACT scene? somehow it seems that the focal length in visualizer does not match the one in sketchup. If someone has experienced this issue before and have an idea of how to fix it please let me know. Thanks

Mark P's picture

I have tried using Visualizer with ACT, and you're right, The entire screen renders rather than the FOV of the camera. My workaround is to set up a camera with ACT in order to set tilt etc. and then delete the camera, not the scene. Clicking the scene will then take you back the view that Visualizer sees (whole screen, but proper tilt, roll, focal length). You can delicately scroll in and update the scene as needed for Visualizer rendering You aren't changing the focal length of the lens when zooming in the new scene, rather you're changing the truck/dolly, effectively walking closer to the subject.

You could get creative and prior to deleting the ACT camera, trace the FOV volume rectangle with the pencil tool as a guide when zooming. All are time consuming workarounds, but since VIsualizer is no longer in production, there aren't many other options.

Ying Tsai C.'s picture

where is the menu? Where to start it? Can't see the menu...

Wiryadi S.'s picture

how to install??
i just put in directory plugin it wrong??




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gio m's picture

anyone please, why it dont works for me, on Sketchup 8?


Alexandria Cierra B.'s picture

Mac OSX 10.9.3
SketchUp Pro 2014

I’m an architecture student and I just downloaded this extension yesterday. I use the extension to create more “real-life” accurate / photorealistic views of scenes that I model (sometimes regular scene tab views of the model doesn’t quite do the trick).

With ACT, without even choosing a specific camera (just used the standard, screen aspect etc.), my view looks a lot more realistic. I can tell because I took a photo of the existing site and compared it to my SketchUp scene. It’s really helpful to see the before / after effect at about the same camera angle and everything.

Very helpful. Works perfectly so far. Basic instructions / how-to’s are available on the SKU website. Installation really easy, especially if you are working in the more updated SKU versions. I always open the extension warehouse + model warehouse directly within SKU, so anything can be downloaded / installed directly into the software / model ready for immediate use.


Matthew Gordon's picture

This is a great tool, but I do have one request...Is there any way to option to not create frustrum lines or planes could be added? I use this for Land Planning size projects, and the frustrums created cause massive viewport clipping issues, meaning that I have to delete them manually from each camera to work on the model.



Akeel R's picture

So Sketchup lacks an important tool especially for people who want to create a fly through in their model and setup scenes from same perspectives. I want to be able to easily organise my scenes by highlighting as many scenes as I can in scene manager and shift them, instead sketchup only allows you to move one scene at a time which takes forever!! also another is to be able to inherit scenes from another sketchup model surely this could be easily be done, instead i'm having to copy over my model and pasting it in place in the other sketchup model with the correct scenes I want. This can takes ages as models can be very large. Will one of your programming Masters develop a tool for this? its definitely not been done and have no clue why since it is a very simple and useful plugin!


Romie T.'s picture

masters... how to download that advance camera tool

Romie T.'s picture

masters... how to download that advance camera tool

Os M.'s picture

muito bom

Praveen S.'s picture

very good

Andres E's picture

Temporarily Unavailable
The website that you're trying to reach is having technical difficulties and is currently unavailable.

We are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it. Thank you for your patience

Cristobal M.'s picture

ACT does not really work with SU 2014. CPU usage goes to 100% any time you try to move any camera, and makes any kind of camera adjustment impossible. Getting out of a Camera view sometimes creates a new camera, with with more 100% CPU usage. Getting out of any of the ACT views stops the CPU load. Also, when a camera is selected in a regular view, no selection box appears around it.

Using OS X 10.9.2 SU 2014 14.0.4899.

Please fix this, these tools are really useful.



Yuri W.'s picture

This is a very useful tool. Thank you.

valer H.'s picture

download doesn't work ....

Henri P's picture

Iam studying the GettingStartedAdvancedCameraTools.pdf, at this moment,
end there is something wrong with it...
the explanation underneath a picture is not of that picture,
but of the picture on the following page...
see page 9-10 etc.

is it possible to change that ?
its very difficult to study the AdvCamTools like that

mjid's picture

...j ai un probleme ave SU 2013

女未 亻's picture

Temporarily Unavailable
The website that you're trying to reach is having technical difficulties and is currently unavailable.

We are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it. Thank you for your patience.

Inderjeet Singh M's picture

unable to downlaod from the past 3 days now, shows some technical error and nothing.
i am able to download the rest of the plugins just fine, and they work good as well, but not this one.
any help would be nice.
thankyou :)

I cant even find it

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thnk you

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طير ا's picture

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طير ا's picture

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Sharon Thean's picture

installed it and it was disaster, object drawn couldn't be make group/component, and cannot be explode too. Many standard tools like section planes, sandbox, north polar, dynamic component, utilities and some other plug ins turned grey (icon showed) indicated the above were not usable...hmmm, uninstalled SU8 and re-install back entire plug-in, tested the extension one by one, was very tedious, anyone encountered the same thing as i did? or was i installing it correctly...=(

Malak e's picture


Why its not working on sketchup 8 even it says in the box: SketchUp Compatibility: SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013. I have installed Google Sketchup 8

love it

Saurabh Gayali's picture

not liking. aspect ratio lost while exporting animation. and cameras also visible. so for me its like creating scenes in sketchup.

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