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Export kmz that facilitate export image from Google Earth PRO
adebeo DanielTal_GEMaker

This extension allow user to export a kml file where corner of google map inside sketchup are show. 

User can easily export an high resolution image from google earth pro according to this kml.


Inside Sketchup Let's go to Google Map, search the area you want.
Do a screen shot as usual
Save the Sketchup file ( kml file will be save in the same folder than your sketchup file).
Go to the extension, create a file “.kml”
Look to the kml file. and open it with Google Earth Pro ( Google Earth Pro is now free :D  and allow Full HD image export)
In Google Earth, export the texture : >file > save image > choose the MAXIMUM size
Spot your 4 pins ( it's your textures screenshot )
Dave your image in the bigest resolution you can.
Go back to SketchUp > right clic > file > import > all pictures & use as a texture
And then, juste click en drag your four pins.
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