Add scenes orthographically by entering x,y,z offsets

AddOrthoScenes allows users to create new scenes based on the current view, by providing the number of scenes to create and the x, y, and z offsets for each new scene.  The initial offset is from the current active view, and in the case of multiple new scenes specified, each additional scene's offset is relative to the last scene created by the plugin.

This is useful for creating scene-based tutorials or anything else that needs to show a progression of steps.  It is also useful for creating fly-by type animations, where two scenes share a camera angle (relative to the global drawing axes) but have different station points.

The AddOrthoScenes menu item is found in the View menu.


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It allows the user to create new scenes based on the view. They provide the number of scenes to create and also provide the offsets to create the scenes. The additional scenes offset is relative to the last scenes offsets created by the plugin. It is useful for creating scenes based tutorials. It is useful for creating fly-by type animations. snoring aids

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The plugin has a bug when the camera is set to parallel projection. It does not keep the same zoom or field of view. It seems it only works in perspective. You can create the veiws in perspective, then manually change each one to parallel projection.



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where to find it in the program?

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