ADC Sketchup
Useful components and templates for set design at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge
ADC Sketchup

Adds a toolbar to Sketchup to allow you to insert stock set items at the ADC Theatre, including a whole theatre model, wooden frames for everything from custom flats to deck, stock treads, handrail and metrodeck. Simply install and use toolbar buttons to insert components into your model. Toolbar buttons:

  • Insert ADC - inserts ADC Theatre model and adds 5 camera scenes for standard audience seating positions
  • Frame - adds wooden frame dynamic component, which can be resized to any dimensions, any profile of timber, with any number of extra internal braces, and any thickness of top and/or bottom facing
  • Metrodeck - inserts dynamic deck component that can be changed to any height and size
  • Treads - dialog to insert stock ADC treads from 2' - 7' with or without stock handrail
  • Handrail - inserts any size of stock handrail with the option to angle at 45 degrees
  • Stripwood - inserts dynamic component for straight timber that can be changed to any profile and length, and can be mitred on either end or both to any angle in any orientation automatically
  • Sheetwood - dynamic sheetwood component that can be changed to any size/thickness
  • 3 rotate buttons - rotate current selection by 90 degrees per click about selected axis (red, green, blue)
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ADC Sketchup (2.1.1); August 22, 2015
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