4D Virtual Builder for Trimble SketchUp
4D Construction Visualisation within SketchUp
4D Virtual Builder for Trimble SketchUp

Construction management techniques have been around for a long time. But the traditional approach, with its Gantt diagrams, can be difficult to understand for people external to the project. When the project management becomes extremely complex, containing many hundreds of rules, it is especially difficult for project managers to clearly explain the project organization to members of the team. However, by tying project management tools to SketchUp, it is possible to remedy this problem. The entire process of construction is represented in a simple and readable 3D form. In addition, SketchUp’s capabilities facilitate the production of animations, presentations, or reports. These 4D models are usually used for communication between the partners involved in the construction, but they can also be used for dissemination of information to the wider public, or for the more technical aspects of construction and site management.

With the 4D Virtual Builder for SketchUp, you can

  • Link MsProject, Primavera and Powerproject schedules dynamically to SketchUp models
  • Synchronise these schedules whenever there are modified
  • Navigate through space and time within the SketchUp editor
  • Generate scenes per time-interval
  • Produce automatically reports, images and powerpoint reports
  • Share your models with all concerned

To download see http://www.4Dvirtualbuilder.com

Some major references: Arup (UK), Bouygues (Fr), city of Utrecht (NL), city of Amsterdam (NL), Port Of Rotterdam (NL), …. And many many more

Ongoing projects

  • Next release = 4D Virtual Builder Ultimate 3.2
  • Automated 4D/5D modeling for Bouygues France, based on MSProject, Sketchup and Excel
  • Advanced IFC I/O for SketchUp
  • Lean Last Planner System toolkit for SketchUp


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