3skeng 2018 Steelwork (MAC and PC)
Generate structural and support steelwork with five powerful tools
3skeng 2018 Steelwork (MAC and PC)

Put "3skeng Steelwork" to the test within a free 30 days trial period of the full version!

In the "learn" section of www.3skeng.com you can download learning material in SketchUp file format that guides you through the basic handling of 3skeng extensions!

3skeng is an extension for the design and documentation of MEP and 3D steel structures. It is part of the 3skeng engineering package that also contains 3skeng Pipe, 3skeng Mount and 3skeng Channel!

But let's just tell you guys some more about the tools and features of 3skeng:

3skeng Steelwork

All you need to draw steelwork elements is integrated in this powerful toolset. Work with structural steel elements in C-, I-, and U-shape with dimensions based British, American, European, Chinese and Russian standard elements. Generate chamfered bracing elements with a few clicks. Snap points and tools support the generation and alignment process.

By the way, we added an improved handling of IFC-properties for 3skeng elements during edit and connect copy!

3skeng Edit

Edit and re-arrange your Steelwork arrangements. The edit tool is so intuitive that it nearly follows alone your ideas. Use magnetic points or the input of numeric values in a way you know this from SketchUp.

3skeng Connect

Move or copy segments of a design to a new location. Magnetic points and lines will help you to connect the elements. With the new feature "Multicopy", all selected elements stay glued to the mouse until you press “Escape”! 

3skeng Label

This tool enables you to add multi- text and labels to groups and components. Various adjustable parameters allow individual adaptations to the particular label task at hand. During the automated alignment you determine the position and distance of the labels.

3skeng List

Select parts of your model or the entire model and generate a list with detailed part information. You can easily transfer the list content via the clipboard to your own calculation sheets or bill of materials.

3skeng Client

Use your 3skeng client to purchase, install and manage 3skeng tools and Pipe libraries.

License terms in short

As we know that many of you out there have more than one computer, our license terms allow you to install your 3skeng (single user) license(s) on up to three of your computers!

Install 3skeng

Learn how to download, install, troubleshoot, activate and purchase 3skeng by checking out the “3skeng-Starting-Guide.pdf” available on the download and faq page of www.3skeng.com.

Click the link to learn more about our privacy policy: http://www.3skeng.com/en/privacypolicy.htm.

Click below to follow the link to our download page:



Interesting and you have very nice way of expressing the article.The author clearly describe all the parts of the article with good language and information.Looking forward to another article.

I unquestionably getting a charge out of each and every piece of it. It is an awesome site and pleasant offer. I need to bless your heart.. Thanks
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It's so easy, and very quick, thanks!

3skeng©'s picture

Hello Fresh,
thanks for the kind feedback, that encourages us a lot!
Best Regards, 3skeng team

This tool seems really powerful and most convenient. Though i wonder whether it has compatibility issues with my pc as many add-ons. Unfortunately i still run windows vista and things dont seem to run smoothly. Maybe I ll have to wait for 2018 when I plan to buy a modern pc and install it there in order to avoid licencing issues after re-installation...I don't know, I ll have to figure it out. http://pilulesminceur.fr

3skeng©'s picture

Hello Fabien,
We do our best to test our extensions on multiple PC and MAC configurations!
As far as we know at the moment, there are no compatibility issues reported from our user community.
You can also contact support@3skeng.com in case you need more Support!
Best Regards, 3skeng team

is it available on mac?


3skeng©'s picture

Hello Diggity,
yes, 3skeng extensions are available for MAC as well!

You can also contact support@3skeng.com in case you need more Support!

Best Regards, 3skeng team

Robert M's picture

I use this a lot, along with the other 3Skeng modules. It works well but a couple of pet peeves

1) the W steel selection grid is very hard to navigate. The sizes are in the grid somewhat haphazrdly, so the steel size / weight doesn't always follow in increasing weight or size, so I end up having to hunt around for the particular steel profile I need

2) when you put information in SU's entity info box and then resize the 3Skeng object, it deletes your comment (such as name). that's annoying

Updating this original post of mine: the "I" beam selection grid has been streamlined nicely and works just as you'd want it to. Very nice. And, in SU2017, the whole plug in works pretty nicely. Only a couple of random issues, but overall this implementation is a great addition to SU

3skeng©'s picture

Hello Robert,
thank you for your kind and helpful feedback.
We added your comments about "the sort order in the selection mode" and "save-keeping information in the entity box" on our to-do list.
Best Regards,
Your 3skeng Support Team

Mohammad s's picture

Thats Amazing thank you 3Skeng Team.

Dedi S's picture

When Availaible for Sketchup 2016? very soon my sketch 2015 will be delete from my MAC?

Bacon W's picture

why the steelwork connect tool can't work?

Diego D's picture

It's so easy, and very quick, thanks!

Thomas P.'s picture

Really like the extension!

Few comments:

Wish there was the ability to chamfer to faces created in SketchUp. It takes a while to create and delete steel channels so there is a face to chamfer to. i.e. a diagonal beam from a column to a "steel plate" (box created in SketchUp). I cannot just chamfer the diagonal brace into the plate so I create a wide channel and place it so that when I modify the brace I can chamfer it to the web of the channel. Then I delete the channel so it looks like the brace was chamfered to the plate. Just three + steps that seem unnecessary.

The component list in the pipe extension allows all connected sections to be counted and listed in one table but not the steel extension. Can that be added/modified?

Love the abilities this extension provides! Keep it up!!

David J.'s picture

it is better to use Revit MEP
compare the prices

Steve N's picture

Look at the numbers. Mac users are going up every year and MS Windows is going down. You are on the wrong business model.

David N's picture

Mac version please!

Scott B.'s picture


no se logra intalar ya lo descargue por que eso es lo que solita

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