3DBrowser for 3D Users with Polygon Cruncher
A third party software for Sketchup (windows explorer thumbnailer, mesh optimizer...)
3DBrowser for 3D Users with Polygon Cruncher

3DBrowser is a companion application for Sketchup.

It thumbnails and previews your sketchup files in Windows Explorer but it is also an essential tool to manage your pictures and 3D scenes assets.

It simplifies your life when you need to import meshes to sketchup as it supports many 3D formats such Collada, FBX, Cinema 4D, Modo, STL, Wavefront, Softimage, Lightwave, 3ds Max, Maya (...)

It relieves Sketchup and saves your time when you need to import polygonal data because 3DBrowser includes Polygon Cruncher, which is one of the best mesh optimizer on the market. Simplify your scene in a blink by removing 8 faces on 10, keeping all the details.

As a faithful dog with his master, 3DBrowser will become an essential part of your sketchup pipeline.


  • Thumbnail and preview Sketchup files in Windows Explorer.
  • Import/export from/to sketchup, fbx, 3d studio max, maya, softimage, stl, modo, cinema 4D, Lightwave, directX, vrml 1 & 2...
  • Polygon Cruncher mesh optimizer with real time feedback.
  • Multiple-folders content browsing.
  • Built-in 3D file viewer and image viewer.
  • 3D cleaning tools (confused points/coplanar faces merging, normal unifying...)
  • Print images from your 3D files.
  • Custom batch operations (conversion, optimization or anything else)
  • Edit file description (keywords, comments...)


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Barn H's picture

Polygon Cruncher was recommended to me by DanRathbun (thanks for your help mate!) after I posted a request for help on the forum. I needed to reduce a massive LIDAR terrain to a more usable size.

I downloaded and imported an .skb file that I'd first created in Trimble Business Centre. The file was in the region of 90k Mb. The file was read into 'Cruncher and the optimiser pane on the LHS asked me to enter a required number of faces/vectors. I reduced the calculated faces shown in in the stats to 25% and hit save.

No dialogue came up, but the LHS pane showed '75%', so I selected 'save as' and re-named the output file to 'crunched'. The new .skb file was reduced to 14k Mb.

I am no expert and admit that I just used intuition and prompt-following. How did the program manage to do it? I haven't the first clue, but I got exactly the output I was after.