3D Tree Maker
Create 3D trees, plants and grass.
3D Tree Maker

Features :

  • Create 3D trees in few clics and add them to your model
  • Choose from many predefined trees and plants templates
  • Make grass and flowerbeds
  • Fully customizable parameters to adapt the tree to your needs from a single configuration window
  • Switch from 3D trees to Skeleton proxies (ghosts) to reduce tree size of your models while working within Sketchup and switch back to high poly 3D when final render needed
  • Generate random new trees
  • Save your parameters as new tree templates to re-use it in other Sketchup models

How to create a tree :

Warning : before creating a new tree to get better performance close the Sketchup Outliner window.

  • Go to Plugins > 3DArcStudio > Tree Maker > New Tree...
  • Choose the tree type and clic Ok
  • Place the tree into your model.

To change the tree configuration :

  • Select the tree
  • Right clic to get the contextual menu and select 3DArcStudio tree... > Tree configuration.


Plugin can be tested for free. License is only 10 euros. It gives you access to more tree templates and remove the waiting message when editing tree parameters.

More info can be found here :

Sketchucation forum topic


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