3D Tree Maker
Create 3D trees, plants and grass.
3D Tree Maker

Features :

  • Create 3D trees in few clics and add them to your model
  • Choose from many predefined trees and plants templates
  • Make grass and flowerbeds
  • Fully customizable parameters to adapt the tree to your needs from a single configuration window
  • Switch from 3D trees to Skeleton proxies (ghosts) to reduce tree size of your models while working within Sketchup and switch back to high poly 3D when final render needed
  • Generate random new trees
  • Save your parameters as new tree templates to re-use it in other Sketchup models

How to create a tree :

Warning : before creating a new tree to get better performance close the Sketchup Outliner window.

  • Go to Plugins > 3DArcStudio > Tree Maker > New Tree...
  • Choose the tree type and clic Ok
  • Place the tree into your model.

To change the tree configuration :

  • Select the tree
  • Right clic to get the contextual menu and select 3DArcStudio tree... > Tree configuration.


Plugin can be tested for free. License is only 10 euros. It gives you access to more tree templates and remove the waiting message when editing tree parameters.

More info can be found here :

Sketchucation forum topic



Cosoli L.'s picture

I just purchased at http://3darcstudio.com/ , and how can I get the key?

It will be sent to my email?

Héctor L's picture

Idem with me. I payed, but I didn't receive the key yet...

Héctor L's picture

Received by e-mail. Thanks!

Charly B's picture


He descargado la aplicación, pero no carga la biblioteca de árboles. No aparecen ni árboles ni hierba. ¿Hay que realizar algún tipo de activación especial?

Richard E's picture

Great extension. Is there a way to substitute other plants or trees in place of the listed ones.
Where does the extension install the library of plants and tree it's using (to modify the materials to vismat format)

Ninjalol64 .'s picture

does it takes over your computer not downnload !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cameron T's picture

I look at the grass, and it is just lines in the ground.

Cameron T's picture

I look at the grass, and it is just lines in the ground.

Richard E's picture

you need to unselect the make proxies checkbox

Cui A's picture

Yeah,It's so brilliant!

roxana S.'s picture

Hi, I have issues visualizing the grass, although I have seen it when created now it exists, but is not visible.Is not an issue of style.

Ricardo E's picture


James B's picture

I am just testing this out, so there might be functionalities in the licensed version that I am not aware of, but are the trees/grasses limited to the ones included in the plugin? Can I link a proxy to something outside of the plugin's limited component library? This plugin gives revolutionary realism to planting material, but the proxy funtionality doesn't seem to help much when creating even small areas of grasses. Is there a way for me to create my own trees/grasses or proxies and link them to the plug-in's functionality? I'm trying to find a way to keep models more manageable while bringing in the realism that this plugin offers?

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farnaz A.'s picture

Very Thanks My Dear Friends

Malik S's picture

Thank you very much, this model is sweet.

alCosecant M's picture

What sketch-up needed

RockingVishakh K's picture

Good but please add cherry blossoms to the list

chamnan j's picture


Marga R's picture

i´m a begginer and this is so easy to learn and use.
Thanks :D

Youjin K.'s picture

Thank you! This is awesome plugins

EventZ G's picture


Radoan A.'s picture

I want to render the alone. It's create by this plugin. When i am rendering it's look not as i want or something have wrong. Any body can help me? I need it very urgent.

Poublan P.'s picture

Hi Radoan,
Could you please explain what is not rendered as you want with screen captures of SU and the image rendered.
Send it to info@3darcstudio.com and I will try to help you.

Jean H's picture

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

永偉 林.'s picture

to post reviews

daudi k's picture

hellow every body i am a new dude

Jason H's picture


I’ve been a dude my whole life, its pretty easy!

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João Pedro R's picture

It's good, but... so slow

Pascal P's picture

Hi Joao,

Yes as the plugin is creating lots of geometry it can becomes slow and difficult to work with the Sketchup model.

Here are some tips to fasten use of TreeMaker within Sketchup.

Close the Sketchup Outliner Window.

While working with your model, disable style view features that are taking long to draw.
- Shadows
- Fog
- Edge profiles, depth cue and extensions

Create your trees in a new empty model
- When you want to test and make many changes to one tree configuration, do it on a new empty Sketchup model.
- When you’r happy with the result, convert it to proxy with the integrated tree maker proxy function
- Then copy/paste this component (which is small) to the final model where you can make instances

Use TreeMaker proxies features within Sketchup.
- Switch all trees to proxies when you work on other parts than trees in your model, or when you just place or move existing trees. You can do this from the tool button or menu “change all trees to proxies”.
- Save the model while trees are in proxy mode. File will be of a smaller size and will be saved and loaded faster.
- Redraw all the trees (with the button or the menu) only just before rendering your final image or exporting 2D image

Put trees in a different layer.
- Put all the trees on one sketchup layer.
- When you want all the trees to be redrawn : disable the tree layer, redraw all trees, and enable the tree layer.

Disable plugins that are looking for geometry changes in real time in Sketchup when you want to build trees.
- This is the most difficult part to explain as there is no way to know in advance wich plugins. This is the case for BGSketchup_Composants, Eneroth Railroad, and renders that are updating geometry in real time with integrated Sketchup viewport.


Matthew R.'s picture

Very good plugin, very useful.

Costa K's picture

The plugin is beautiful. i purchased also a licence but it is impossible to insert the key. I have always the replay that it is not a valid key and i have to buy another licence.. Please tell me what to do... Thanks.

Pascal P's picture

Hi Costa,
Hope it has been solved.
If not, please contact me at info@3darcstudio.com

Crowley L.'s picture

como saber se jah instalou ?

Pascal P's picture

Hi Crowley,
While the extension has been installed, quit and restart Sketchup. Then you should have a new menu under the "Extensions" that is name "3DArcStudio" and under this menu all the functions.
You can also activate the toolbar under the view toolbar menu.

zaalim a's picture

awesome g8t job

Bruno Vinicius S's picture

muito legal

umer koya pp k's picture

thank u
very helpful plugins

Karlo A's picture

beautiful plugin

Fo V.'s picture

thanks :D

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Fernando G's picture

Anyone solved the issue with Vray? (materials appear as black when rendering)

Poublan P.'s picture

A fix has been published on sketchucation forum for incorrect rendering of textures with some renders. Not sure it will solve your issue but you could try.

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