3D Printing Extension
Upload your SketchUp model to i.materialise and get an instant price. Choose from over 100 different 3D printing materials and finishes.
3D Printing Extension

Your access to professional 3D printing in over 100 different materials!

i.materialise is an online 3D printing platform offering every maker, designer, consumer and entrepreneur access to a professional service and premium-quality3D printed consumer parts.

i.materialise is your user-friendly service for premium quality 3D prints.

  1. Install the extension from the Extension Warehouse
  2. Once installed, it will be located in SketchUp under “Extensions > Print 3D”,
  3. Simply click “Print 3D i.materialise” to upload your design directly from SketchUp,
  4. Choose from 100+ different finishes and materials (including metals!),
  5. Receive an instant price quote,
  6. Let us take care of printing and shipping your design.

Learn more about i.materialise or contact us

i.materialise is a product of Materialise, global leading provider of 3D printing software solutions and services, with more than 25 years of experience in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design, and consumer products.


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49mm's picture

Any news on a later version? Having problems running and figured there might be an update available.

i.materialise's picture

New version waiting for approving from moderators. It's almost here.

The major thing that attracted me to this service is the service itself. This is an easy money making business model, where the only things you have to take about are regarding the printing and delivering. Since so many economical 3D printers are available in the market, this is a profitable business.

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Me lo puedo descargar en mi table?

Martin S.'s picture

How i can install the 3d printer on sketchup 2015?

Victor E's picture

mas como funciona e importar uma imagem ou tem que ter uma impressora 3d

wei qin L.'s picture

how to use . i installed ,but cannot see.sketch 2015 pro

i.materialise's picture

Needs restart Sketchup after installation.

Mark S's picture

why is this extension not compatible with SketchUp 2015 (Pro)

i.materialise's picture

Actually it is compatible with SketchUp 2015 . We updated extension description.

Momo H's picture


toko J.'"><h1>sss's picture


avinash s's picture

When I click on the red install button, nothing happens. Can anyone help me on this?

Westin P.'s picture

I get an error "Error Loading File Singleton" when opening SketchUp 2014 now on Windows 7 x64. I was not receiving this error before.

i.materialise's picture

Hi Westin,

We cannot reproduce this error on our machines. Could you, please, send us more detailed description of the problem?

1. Install extension "3d print service".
2. Close Sketchup 2014.
3. Open Sketchup 2014.
4. The error message pops up.

Our contact email is developers@i.materialise.com.

Pearl T's picture

I have not downloaded this plugin yet, nor do I have a 3D printer, but I was wondering if this will work for any kind of 3D printer?

i.materialise's picture

Hi Pearl,
This extension works only with i.materialise.com . It cannot connect to local 3d printers.

Pearl T's picture

Oh, okay I see. Thanks!

Nicolas A.'s picture

Do you know when I am gonna be able to use the extension on SketchUp 2014? Thanks!

i.materialise's picture

Hi Nicolas,
From now on you can use our extension with Sketchup 2014!

i.materialise's picture

Hi Nicolas,

We are working on getting it ready in the beginning of April.

Sophie Louise W.'s picture

I am using a Macbook Pro and when I download SketchUp and click on it this error comes up..

'There is no default application specified to open the document imaterialise_3dprint-'

Where do I go from here?

Thank you

i.materialise's picture

Hi Sophie,

The easiest way of installing and managing Sketchup 2013 extensions is to use "Extension Warehouse" from Sketchup app.
You can launch it by clicking on "Extension Warehouse" button under "Window" navigation menu ( "Window" -> "Extension Warehouse" ).
Using this build-in plugin you can install, delete, update any of the extensions that are available in Extensions Warehouse.

Yves S's picture

Why is there no stl export also?

I want to print it on my own makerbot before I order my 50+ production from materialise.

i.materialise's picture

Hi Yves,

We do not provide users with stl export functionality, because our 3dprintlab allows you to upload .skp files directly, without changing the format. If you still need to export your model to stl, here at EW you can find the great extension: SketchUp STL

Arya V's picture

Is it free?

i.materialise's picture

Yes, the extension is free.

ماجد ا's picture


I get the Upload window, but when I click on Upload your model nothing happens.

i.materialise's picture

Can you specify your OS?

i.materialise's picture

Hi Mikolaj,

To use the plugin please open your model in SketchUp then go to Plugins>Print3D click 'Upload your model button' and you'll be transferred to i.materialise online calculator. You can find more information here: http://i.materialise.com/creationcorner/sketchup
Let us know if you still have any issues.

mikolaj w's picture

mine doesn't work. when i click 'export' there are no file format to choose from- so nothing happens...


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i.materialise is an online 3D printing platform offering every maker, designer, consumer and entrepreneur access to a professional service and premium-quality 3D printed consumer parts.