3D Offset
Offsets several faces at multiple distances
3D Offset

The tool offsets several faces at multiple distances.

It is easy to use: you press a single button to launch the tool. Select or deselect the faces and enter the distances separated by "-". You preview the offsetted faces. Press Enter to create them.

More instructions are available on http://www.wisext.com/pages/products/3d-offset/ 

The SketchUp team published a demo: https://youtu.be/vGC8clafdXI



thank you very much

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Great extension! Mine has expired though. Was it a trial or is it free?

Edit: I reinstalled it & now it works again. :)

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Superb extension. SO handy for building modelling. And it's free!! Thanks for donating this and your time to the community.

thank you very much


This extension is not compatible with sketchup 2018 yet ?


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The current Wisext extensions should work on SketchUp 2018. They were tested on the 30 days trial version last month. And the recent SketchUp Extension Inspection video is using the 3D offset tool on SU 2018 Pro (https://youtu.be/vGC8clafdXI). But the nonexistence of SketchUp Make 2018 stopped temporally new development on SU 2018.

A lot shows this tool. I approve as well. My project: https://excelsemsegredo.com.br/como-fazer/graficos/

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exciting. this plugin helps a lot when make wall layers. Thanks

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I cannot orbit when i'm using the extension !
Otherwise it's really helpful.

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