3D Grid Tool
Creates 2D/3D grids, X,Y,Z steps paramétric, on any plane.
3D Grid Tool

Creates 2D or 3D grids, with X step, Y step and Z step parametric, at any orientation on any plane. Guide line type selectable.

Each 2D grid is a named group. Each 3D grid is a named group with all the 2D grids as named groups within it.


Cstrom's picture

Fantastic plugin!
Even non-parallell-to-axis grids.
And the User Interface top class för placing out the grids.
Very carefully built - all SketchUp-functions applied here, like:
Delete Guides
I give this plugin five of five stars.

Dan W.'s picture

As an Architect, I find this tool extremely useful. Turning it into a group allows the snaping to the intersections which seems to be an issue with the Guide lines in Sketchup. I use this for floor plan layout and draw it on a separate layer so that I can turn on and off. Thanks.

Fred H.'s picture

as I can enable 3D Grid Tool? if you have already downloaded someone can help me

Иван В's picture

Very usefull tool. Thanks to author.

Andrew S.'s picture

Draw a 2D or 3D grid (orthogonal). Make the tool visible by checking the 3D Grid tickbox in View/Toolbars. Now you can draw lines that snap to the intersection points on this grid. Great tool and easy to use!

_獨孤's picture

I want to ask next: 1 m * 1 m grid.Draw five x axis, the x axis of grid line length 5.5 m do?

Federico S.'s picture

It is very good!

Horizonfx team .'s picture

EVen I am confused...where it sits, in which directory and how it works...! :P

Tim Q's picture

I have no idea what or how this extension is supposed to be of any help. There are "NO" instructions of its abilities. It took me nearly 10mins just to figure out how to get somehting that shows a bunch of squares. But its use is completly lost to me.

Jostein Weiby's picture

It makes drafting easier. You set the grid to say 1 meter by 1 meter and draw out the grid to the size needed. You now know each square being 1X1 meter and can quickly draft in walls etc. and the cursor will snap to cross sections etc.

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