Click-Window 3D / 2016
Click-Window 3D is the perfect tool to create 100% customizable windows and french doors. From hung, sliding, french, panoramic to crank windows, all of these 3D windows are available in PVC, wood and aluminium.
Click-Window 3D / 2016


To use Click-Window 3D, you need to update the Dynamic Component Plugin HERE.

This is mandatory if you have installed SketchUp 2017, and want to make our Plugins work on an older version of SketchUp.

If you have this problem, you can watch our 2th video at the top of this page.


To download the trial version of Click-Window 3D, click HERE.

To discover our first tool Click-Kitchen, click HERE.


After the great success of Click-Kitchen, we are delighted to introduce our new tool, Click-Window 3D.

This extension for SketchUp offers you the opportunity to create an infinite variety of windows with a great level of details in just a few clicks.

Click-Window 3D's Advantages :

  • The 3D models' quality
  • The productivity
  • The freedom of usage

If you are picky and prefer work of a higher quality, Click-Window 3D is ideal for you!

Save time and money!

Modifying a window in the 3D Warehouse, or creating the model yourself will cost you precious time and money.

Click-Window 3D will put an end to all this!

As such, the purchase of this product will quickly earn you back your investment and more.

In addition, you will work with 3D models of high quality to realise interior design projects with much greater success.

Click Window 3D is International

The reasons for this are:

  • The most popular windows in the world are offered by Click-Window 3D.

  • There are two versions, available in both the Metric and Imperial systems.

  • All the settings are shown in pictures, to provide a better understanding for all.


Our goal is to provide an international tool with a professional quality, with an intuitive interface.

Usage of Click-Window 3D

  1. Import and insert the Control Panel by clicking on the icon « START » on the Click-Window 3D Toolbar.

  2. Select the icon « Interact with Dynamic Components » which is available on the toolbar, « Dynamic Components ».

  3. You can now click on the thumbnails of the « Control Panel » to define the settings of your future Windows.

  4. Import your 3D Window, with a drag and a click.

  5. Wait just a few seconds as the program loads...


You will notice that the window followed your directions to the letter.


There is a single golden rule to remember!

Never change a 3D window without the Control Panel open.

This could lead to an unexpected shutdown of SketchUp.

For more information, please follow the instructions found in our free training video on this PAGE.


Click-Window 3D works with all versions after SketchUp version 8, and with all operating systems.


V-Ray! (With the presence of this plugin, the perfomance of Click-Window 3D is greatly hindered.)

All versions

Namely, for each of the versions shown below, there is an Imperial and Metric version.


Only the Sliding Window, with limited choices, is offered.

It is completely free and downloadable immediately on our website.


All the windows' varieties are available, however with a reduced choice of supplies and settings.


All the windows' varieties are available, with numerous choices of supplies and settings. (All details are resizable with this version)

Extra Information:

No subscription, just one single payment for a lifetime's usage!

User Rights and (Copyright)

The distribution of our tools or provided 3D models is strictly prohibited.

Only through a private network, working with stakeholders on a common project, is sharing of 3D windows allowed.


Does our work satisfy you? Would you like to encourage us?

Leaving a positive comment on this page would be highly appreciated :-)

Thanking you, our precious client

Thank you to all users of Click-Kitchen, which allowed us to continue development for SketchUp.

And a big thanks to Trimbel, for helping young developers to become visible with the Warehouse extensions.

Have fun discovering our program Click-Window 3D.


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Hi, david. B! Just wanted to say this is a great plugin, I’m able to use it pretty effectively in my design process. I really appreciate your quick responses to all my questions, I’m sure it must be hard to communicate in a language you don’t speak…

I find the 3D models really well rendered, stunning work.

I’ve used some of the other extensions before and they worked fine, but the Pro version is by far the best. The other extensions, Click-Cuisine and Click-Change are good as well, thank you so much for your programs.

Can’t wait to see what you create next for SketchUp!

Stanley C's picture

Loaded trial into Sketchup 2016. Everytime I try and insert the slider window, even in a new model empty screen, Sketchup becomes unresponsive, locks up. Something I'm doing wrong?

david B's picture


Thank you for your interest in Click-Window 3D.

Did you import the "Control Panel", accécible with the first icon from the toolbar?

His presence on your 3D scene is essential for the functioning of dynamic windows.


David Barros

Extensions: 5
Draughtsman Designer in carpentry since more than 10 years and passionate about computer science, I am delighted to share my work with the SketchUp community. My goal is to simplify your 3D projects using intuitive and productive tools. To understand my goals in the evolution of 3D do not hesitate to try Click-kitchen.