3D Warehouse Tools
The 3D Warehouse tools by Cadman provide a suite of tools to Quality Check your models for managing and reviewing SketchUp models prior to uploading those files to 3D Warehouse.
3D Warehouse Tools

These quality check tools enable you to review the model (e.g. nested groups, model size) and remove any unnecessary lines, marks, etc. before you upload the model into 3D Warehouse.

Show Nesting Levels is a visual way of analyzing the structure of a selection or the entire model. It creates a layer for each nesting level that is found in the selection and sets the model display to Color by layer. The layers use familiar AutoCAD colors: red-1, yellow-2, green-3, cyan-4, blue-5, magenta-6, silver-7. 

Save Screen Image lets you notate the model directly in SketchUp, then capture the screen as a jpg file for communication and further analysis. It saves the image in the same folder as the model. Save images at any time through the review, they are numbered sequentially for you.

Use Model Report to view information about the selection or the entire model. The Top Level Information shows you the number of components and groups at the first level when editing the component (this is the red level). The second half of the report shows the total polygon count, very important for determining model simplification.

The Quick Check menu item counts all the unneeded elements in the model (based upon the 3D Warehouse checklist) and highlights them for visual inspection.

The Count Stuff menu item lets you count just one type of element in the model, and can highlight it for you as well.

The 3D Warehouse Cleaner lets you decide which things to delete from the model (based upon the 3D Warehouse checklist) . The default is all items. You are given a summary and you can see all the items disappear from each dialog, simplifying the model.


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