Climbing Walls
A set of plugins to make the development of climbing walls easier.
Climbing Walls

This set of plugins helps with the development of climbing walls. It provides a tool to print the wall angle on each face (AnglesOnWalls), a tool to analyse the distribution of these angles in an histogram (AngleDistribution) and a tool to get a technical drawing of the selected face (FaceToJPG).

Important: Before use, please make sure your faces are oriented correctly: because each face in SketchUp has a front and a back side, please make sure that all faces are oriented front facing outwards. To do so, select one face that is oriented correctly (check this by looking at the colors of the face), right click and select 'Orient Faces'.


Select the faces (or groups) that you'd like to have the angles of. Click the AnglesOnWalls button. Now a new layer is created ("AnglesOnWalls") with a group with all wall angles as text. The function is disabled if no face is selected, if multiple groups are selected or if a combination of groups and lonely faces is selected. Please note that these numbers won't adjust automatically when the walls are changed, so after making some changes, delete the whole layer and redo the action. 


Select everything you can climb on (faces, groups) and click the AngleDistribution button. On the top left a diagram is now presented with the distribution of the wall angles in your design. Use this to find what wall-types you are missing or have too much of. If the button is pressed without making a selection, the distribution is given for everything in your model (this would include stairs, chairs, etc. if you have them in your model). Flat surfaces (0°) are not taken into account.

In config you can set the binsize (default 10°).

When the diagram is shown, click on faces to add / remove them from the selection and see how the distribution changes. Select any other tool or double click anywhere to exit.


Select one face you'd like to have the dimensions of. Click the FaceToJPG button (or Extensions -> ClimbingWalls -> FaceToJPG). Now a new file 'face1.jpg' is created in the folder where the model is located. After doing so, press Ctrl-Z to remove the dimensions from your SketchUp model.

In config you can set the location to store 'face1.jpg' and toggle what should be shown in the technical drawing.


New in version 1.0.5 is the option to generate fallzones to check of all mats are positioned properly. At the moment this only works well with isolated climbing objects (so things you can walk around, not walls). In future versions the functionality of this tool will be improved.

In config you can set the perimeter, the default is set to 2.5 meter.


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