AB3DPlugin for SketchUP is a component with special attributes that allow for more advanced functionality. it turns any two or more 2D drawings into a perfect 3D model

Everyone has a preferred design software that they have grown so used to, that switching to anything else seems impossible. Our innovative AB3DPlugin for SketchUp transforms unclear design concepts in SketchUp users’ heads into professional 3D models, quickly and intelligently.

AB3DPlugin for SketchUp is a component with special attributes that allow for more advanced functionality. it  turns any two or more 2D drawings, representing different views of a 3D model, into a perfect 3D model regardless of the missing dimensions or whether the 2D drawings match/fit one another. This advantage is huge for both the 3D modeling and 3D printing industries, whether for individual users or professional firms or companies.

AB3DPlugin for SketchUp provides a very simple interface, that allows the designer to think in 2D and that combines his 2D projections into a 3D new model, thus opening the door wide for imagination and creativity in design that is not hindered by the traditional way of thinking in the 3D design process.

All SketchUp2015, 2016, 2017 users may start downloading and immediately use AB3DPlugin.

*AB3DPlugin for SketchUP is developing based on the AB3DLabs patent with Issue No.: US20150097829 A1.



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Yep, if you're going to force people to buy within the program at least have some way of checking compatibility. I just paid for and downloaded a windows extension when I run sketchup on a Mac. $40 (more when I convert to AU$) down the drain.

Lesson learned.

if you look carefully at the right specification of the extension you will find that:
SketchUp Compatibility: SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017
OS Compatibility: Windows
Languages: English

AB3D now support sketchup 2017.


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AB3DLabs Company AB3DLabs is a Swiss company (Société Anonyme), that works in innovations and 3D design software to facilitate 3D printing. AB3DLabs develops as well educational 3D STEM-based Curricula for K-12 and Training courses for the public. AB3DLabs owns a Patent that enabled it for the unique simplicity and unprecedented ease of its programs Our Vision Spreading mastery Of 3D printing and design to all who will delight in its creativity and usefulness Our Mission Introducing a new approach or a new alphabet to 3D design -easy to learn simple to use. Providing a platform for 3D education and 3D printing at schools. Democratizing 3D modeling with a simple software, and build it up gradually to advanced level software. Our core values Simplicity, Creativity, Empowerment, Democratization, Education. Our Target Novices and amateurs who want to master the art and skill of 3D printing and design. School systems wanting to differentiate their offering with an innovative curriculum. Students and their parents who appreciate the thrill of fun challenges and the skills derived therefrom.
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