FitParts produces cutting layout (guillotine-style) based on your panel dimensions and selected parts. Supports edge banding with up to 4 tapes at the same time and controllable parts rotation. It has efficient validation features.
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FitParts is the Sketchup extension for producing cuting layouts. FitParts extension will generate guillotine-style cut maps based on the panel dimensions you have on your stock; it will automatically extract dimensions from currently selected components and groups in Sketchup model. FitParts is usable in woodworking, metal working, glass industry, plastic modeling, and both ih hobby as well as basic proffessional usage which will be supported better in future versions.

User presets the length and width of sheet goods he has. FitParts extension will use the same sheet goods and it decide how many of those it needs for obtaining the necessary parts. Then it will present visually in Sketchup every panel with cut lines, dimensions and serial numbers of parts. The full report can be obtained with legend explaining every part serial number.

Procedure: 1-2-3

  1.  Draw your model in Sketchup. You will generate groups and/or component instances for every part you intend to enter the cut list. Note: please follow normal Sketchup practice when drawing your model and do not leave un-grouped elements (faces, lines, etc) in the model; otherwise the FitParts drawing could merge with your existing cluttered ungrouped elements. Or at least don't put them in x0y positive quadrant where your plans will be drawn.
  2. Select the groups and components you want for cut list. FitParts Pro has the important validation option to give you an idea what you have selected wrong and what you must correct if necessary.
  3. Extensions / FitParts / MakeCutlist will present you the dialog where proper panel size is entered. Click the Cut button to generate the plans for cutting.

The new layer will be presented to you containing the first of panel(s). Actually FitParts will generate one new layer per every panel you need to cut to obtain the selected elements. New layers are named FitParts# where # stands for a number. You are supposed to make visible one of FitParts# layers at a time in order to inspect or print the results uncluttered with datails from other layers.

Sketchup menu option Extensions / FitParts / ReportAfterCutlist will give you the tabular data legend with parts identification and their dimensions. No more tedious dimensions writing by hand!

In case you mess the view because of rotation or other operations and you want to get back the proper view of your generated FitParts# layers, just click Extensions / FitParts / GiveMeGoodView and you will get the proper and clear view of cut map.

Basic FitParts parameters

FitParts will use panel(s) of identical size. User can choose the size to be one of two predefined panels/sheets, or he can type at will his own panel's dimensions. Various panel dimension units are supported. The kerf (blade cut width) is also chosen at will.

Choice of FitParts parameters dimension units does not affect the units of the final result, i.e. cut list plans. The cut lists shall always show dimensions in the system units which user selected in standard Sketchup menu before starting the MakeCutList operation.

Edge banding [Pro feature]

Among other parameters, when clicking the MakeCutList menu option user will obtain dialog where he can also define the edge banding. The banding can be done separately for every selected part. Alternatively user can choose to band all of the parts the same way.

Up to 4 banding tapes are supported! Every tape can be individually defined for any edge of every selected part in your model. 

Rotation and Grain alignment of parts

If table surface has grain or structure of some sort, designer needs a means to orient every part differently according to his needs. For that FitParts supports 90° rotation of any part individually. 


The problem: almost every design contains a dangling line or just a "scratch" that you cannot find in a complicated design. Left construction points, faces without edges, all sorts of elements are getting selected when you surround your design with mouse and choose Cutting option. The cutting programs then take all these mistakes, give some solution and later you see it is mostly wrong. 

The solution: Fitparts validation. Instead of searching for multiple Sketchup extensions that will help you clean the design, Fitparts offers quite simple and elegant solution: validation screen. It should be started as the first step after your design and prior to any cutting operation. Fitparts validation is integral part of Fitparts Basic version. You get all your selected parts clearly described, even classified in three colors, with enough information to take necessary steps to correct all possible design mistakes very efficient. How is that possible?

Well, just load the trial version of Fitparts and that will be clear to you in no time!

General implementation of Fitparts

What is best: Fitparts is not necessarily used just for cutting list generation, it can be used just fine for reverse selection of parts, hide/show toggle unselected parts, save and restore selections, and more to come!


You can export data in CSV format, which is the import format for CutListPlus, WPS Spreadsheat, MS Excel and other programs.

The thickness of panel or sheet you physically have on stock does not need to match the parts thickness in your Sketchup virtual model. In practice this is very much desired feature because people often make drawing mistakes by choosing a few millimeters thicker or thinner parts when making their model - no problem for FitParts! Still FitParts will calculate and present you the thickness of your parts both in CutList dialog as well as in Report dialog. There you can check if the parts thickness is acccording to your project demands.


FitParts will try to put into cut list almost everything you select in Sketchup model, giving you the utmost freedom. You can select either components, groups or both in your Sketchup model as long as their one-time exploded operation would give representative faces for FitParts.

FitParts will refuse selected Sketchup component/group for cutting only when serious errors are done. There is a validate menu option Extensions / FitParts / ValidateSelection to assist  in making the necessary corrections before making the cutlist itself.

FitParts supports rectangular or non-rectangular shaped components or groups with perpendicular edges.

All results FitParts makes will stay in Sketchup, keeping you inside your current and familiar environment. FitParts will interfere minimally with Sketchup model: it will generate a few layers more (one per panel to be cut), it could select or deselect, change a perspective or view to show you layers, but  no more than that. For starters: you can present panel cut list by making it's layer the only visible layer in Sketchup model (please refer to help for details). You can either keep or delete the FitParts generated layers (named FitParts, FitParts1, FitParts2,...).There is menu option RemoveFitpartsLayers that will automatically remove all genereated Fitparts layers from Sketchup if you want to start with uncluttered Sketchup environment.

Printing cut blueprints is done from within Sketchup with ease and clarity, like every other Sketchup printing.

FitParts is not limited to any specific names of components or groups: it is important just to select what you want and that being a component or a group.

FitParts trial version support up to 10 parts and no banding allowed. Full version is obtainable from author's site.

Both metric and English units are available.

Kerf value setting (cutting width) is also available. Material name is reported and exported.

Operating system: MS Windows, tested on MS Windows 10.

On author's site there are additional details about FitParts as well as software for downloading.

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