Draw pipes from lines
This plugin allows to create pipes on selected lines and list all of them in the report.
Draw pipes from lines

Way of extension works:

1 Select lines in the model where you would like to draw pipes

2 Run extension from menu - Draw Pipes From Lines

3 Set units, pipe dimensions, length offset, pipe roundness parameter

4 Press OK buton

5 If you would like to, copy pipes list from generated report


Extension limits:

- you can draw up to 5 pipes at 1 run

- you can not change pipe circle segmentation 


If you would like to draw more pipes and use other usefull functions please check PRO version:

Draw pipes from lines Pro



Tamunonemi W's picture

This is a wonderful tool. But is there a reason why the roundness or pipe/circle edges remain at 12? I want to use less edges but have no option to change this.

DBS's picture

Please check pro version. You can change it there.

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the extension needs to solve the case for irregular revolving shapes.


Thank you for your opinion.


It uesfull for piping layout

my extension doesn't work. Doesn't it work when you have a 30 days trial

Is there anyway to make this extension run with components also ? I need to make such a design and it is tiresome to repeat the same process for all the components

DBS's picture

Please contact me on dbsolutions.contact@gmail.com and describe what are you searching for.
I hope we can help you.

I am trying to generate pipes without thickness (just the outer mesh) and couldn't get it to do it :(
Otherwise, I could generate pipes with thickness with no problems.

Joe Drafter's picture

Draw Pipes from Lines works just fine to create pipes. However if you want to create just plain tubes (Cylinders), you can use Lines2Tubes from Didier Bur.

can improve the corners? They don't join.

DBS's picture

Sorry. It works without joining pipes together.

This extension is working for me in Sketchup Make 2017.

I stumbled on my first attempt by trying to convert lines in a group, but once I selected individual lines and run the extension menu option, the conversion seems to work very nicely. Thanks for the extension!

DBS's picture

Thank you for your opinion.

Eneroth3's picture

No pipes are drawn for me with this extension. The operator is called "imput[sic] pipe parameters" suggesting it doesn't even attempt to draw anything, just take input parameters. Furthermore it requires a dot as decimal separator and not the symbol SketchUp otherwise uses. When attempting to use a comma the plugins says "error ocur[sic]" without saying what the error was.

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I see you copy my idea. Your opinion it's not honest.

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