Eneroth Flatten to Plane
Flatten selected geometry to horizontal plane. Useful for cleaning up imported DWGs
Eneroth Flatten to Plane

Flatten selected geometry to horizontal plane. Useful for cleaning up imported DWGs where lines may have different Z coordinates on what should be a 2D drawing.

Activated from Extensions > Eneroth Flatten to Plane.

Github repo.

Release Notes

1.1.0 (2018-04-22)
Fixed bug in curve explosion.
Added support for instances (components, groups and images)

1.0.0 (2018-01-20)
First release.


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I sincerely hope the government makes a razzia on your headquarter, seize your computers, send the names of everyone you helped cheating to their schools so they can be expelled, and that you are jailed for helping them cheat.

You are scum.

Michał P's picture


Thanks for this!

With time some upgrade maybe, to make it work with groups and comps also? ;)

Eric R.'s picture

Amazing, simple, lightweight. Love it - appreciate your work as always

Structural I.'s picture

Works a treat!

A sloping, curved driveway converted back into a 2D polyline in a jiffy.


Works great for me. I have always had a problem with that part of my workflow.
Now it is fixed. Thank you for your work.

Hi Eneroth,

is it possible that it doesn't work with curved lines? I have some issues with it in SU2017.

Thanks for your reaction,

Eneroth3's picture

SketchUp behaves weirdly when moving individual vertices in curves (the curve gets stretched very far out of the plane). However the plugins should explode the curves before moving anything, to make sure even curves end up on the right plane.

Ron D's picture

in 2017, plugin doesnt seem to do anything. Shame!

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It should work. Do you select edges/faces before running it?

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Eneroth Flatten to Plane (1.1.0); April 22, 2018
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