CLF Repeat Copy
Quickly place multiple pre-selected components throughout a model
CLF Repeat Copy

This script costs $10 USD to purchase.  Clicking the "Get this Extension" button will take you to where the script is for sale.

Repeat Copy makes it easy to quicly populate a model with components.  This is very useful for placing people in a model, or placing plant components.  First select the desired components, then activate this plugin.  Repeat Copy will randomly add one of the pre-selected components whever you click.  It also has built in scale and rotation variation which is helpful for adding variation to the components.


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Works in SketchUp Pro 2017. From Smustard you get a zip file.

1) RENAME the zip file with the extension .rbz
2) Open Extension Manager: Window > Extension Manager
3) Click red Install Extension button
4) locate the file you renamed and click "Open"

Should be good to go after that.

Tried renaming the .RB file/s, the zip file and everything else I could think of, but it didn't work. Extension manager still can't "see" it (SU Pro) and changing the extension doesn't seem to change the file format.

Update: Found the issue was renaming files in Windows 10. Had to change my Windows settings as follows:
Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > File Explorer Option > View (tab) > find "Hide extensions for known file types" and uncheck the box. This let me change the .zip file to a .rbz file, with the expected health warnings about unstable files etc... And that did the trick for SU Pro 2017

sanjay k's picture

its not compitable with SU2017

Alberto B's picture

Hi, i do really need to install this plugin into SketcUp 2017....I hav this plugin in SketchUp 2016....Pleas somebody help me!

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Hi Chris
How can i recover extension repeat copy which i bought for SU 2016 , as now i am working on SU 2017? Thanks

Guy E's picture

How can i find repeat copy since i have paid it by credit card on 27 oct 2016?
Thanks for your reply asap

Here's the trick for converting and installing this to 2016 from previous version:

Take the original files "clf_repeat_copy---.rb" and folder "clf_repeat_copy---" from the previous version sketchup plugins folder, compress them together to a .zip file, then rename the extension of that file from .zip to .rbz, then open Sketchup 2016, go to preferences>extensions>"install extension" and select the .rbz file you created, and its done. works like a charm.

Josh J's picture

That's awesome. Thanks

tomasz c's picture

nice to see POINTING BY NORMAL [face/group/comp] in this tool ,like skatter have!! I love skatter but is too slow for quick placement,, this tool is good and quick for that things..

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repeat copy is one of my favorites. It is not working in my 2016. Does it need to be purchased again or should I wait untill it has been updated for 2016?

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We need repeat copy SKP2016 version too !

tomasz c's picture

it's work fine in skp2016 bro .. I use it alot

Aviv R.'s picture

what did u do to make it work?
a while back i purchased this plugin and ever since skp switched to rbz i couldnt get it to work and chris is keeping radio silence and doesnt support or responde

tomasz c's picture

I don't know , it's just work lol ; I bought this loooong time ago in

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HI chris .... clicked on download link ... except starting download ... but ... you know ... it's not so nice to link to a third party pafe instead of downloading
It could be better if you put the plugin here and use sketchup's own licensing system rather than linking to another website ... Isn't it ?

waiting for download a trail version ...

It's a must have plugin for landscape design and planet placement ...
like IT .. Love IT .. :)

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I bought the CLF plugin the other day, and I too am working on Sketchup 2015 and I cannot get the plugin to work. Has anyone gotten it to work in 2015?

I tried to use the extension installer and it seems to have loaded the extensions into where the other .rb files are, but I still dont see anything?

Thanks for your help

Sketchup Orlando

James B's picture

Not sure why you've not got any response? Maybe Chris isn't supporting this plugin anymore (if so then maybe he should take it down rather than charge $10 and leave people hanging; Chris, can you comment, why no replies?) Anyhow, this is how I got the plugin working in Sketchup 2015 Pro on the Mac...

Close Sketchup.

Open your library folder by going to finder and holding the option key while clicking on Go in the tool bar.

Copy the clf_repeat_copy folder and the clf_repeat_copy.rb file to Application Support/Sketchup 2015/SketchUp/Plugins folder.

Open Sketchup and you should now see the plugin is loaded and ready to go.

I'm assuming it's a similar process on a Windows PC too, just look for the Sketchup Plugins folder.

Good luck.


Darryl S.'s picture

ok, I figued if I messed with it long enough I would figure out something. Anyway, I was looking at the extension warehouse and looked under my profile under extensions and there was a CLF.rbz so I used the installer and installed the .rbz file and now I have it in my extensions pulldown in Sketchup 2015. Next let me see if I can get it going, LOL

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Aviv R.'s picture

hi chris
got the same problem as rongraziano
got your plugin a while back from smusterd and it worked great on skp 8
now i upgraded to pro 2015 and tried every possible way to install it and no luck
tried to zip it and change to the file type to rbz and it didnt work
tried to install it directly into the folder path that you wrote and it gives me an error message
how can i get an rbz file that works ???

rongraziano .'s picture

Hi Chris,
I tried everything that I have read and had no luck installing your Copy Repeat into SU 2014. I am a lay person when it comes to computers. Can you supply a .rbz file as when I load it into what I think is the plugin folder (not sure) it will only open .rbz files.
Please help me as I could really use this plugin in my art work.
Thank you

Jim B's picture


Awesome extension! I'm having a small issue with the insertion point of 3D objects when copying. Rather than insert from the bottom center of the component, it's inserting from the bottom right corner of the bounding box of the component. This means my aim is always off when trying to place the trunks of trees right on the mark. Ideas?

Rabiya C's picture

Hi Chris,
I am trying to load repeat copy on Sketchup 2014 but the download did not have rbz file to bring it in through sketchup/file /extentions. I tried to put it into the plugins folder but still no luck.

I also tried instructions :

How it will work ?

Any help would be appreciated!


mind.sight.studios's picture

Just bought this. Don't know how I survived so long without it! A must have!

Sharon M's picture

Me too.. Any chance of producing a .rbz file? I'm using a PC on a network that doesn't allow me access to folders. : (

Rudy S.'s picture

Hi Chris,
I am trying to load repeat copy on Sketchup 2014 but the download did not have rbz file to bring it in through sketchup/file /extentions. I tried to put it into the plugins folder but still no luck.

Any help would be appreciated!


Jamie B's picture

Hi Chris,
I’ve just purchased this great plugin but it’s only downloading from SMustard the rb. file and not a rbz.
Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks mate.

Chris Fullmer's picture

.rb files just need to be copied into your plugins folder manually.  It is an older way of installing plugins for SketchUp.  Here are instructions for how to install them.

rory b's picture

Sorry Chris all the .rb files in the right folder but still not working for sketchup 15. Please please fix it because its a brilliant plugin!!!

mjid's picture

Merci beaucoup...bon courage.

Chris M's picture

Thanks for the recent update it's working well for me, SketchUp 2014 now feels complete!

Thomas S's picture

I had a problem... I bought the CLF_Repeat_Copy_1-7-2 script, but when I installed it, the menu came up as Shape Bender(?!) Help!

Zach L's picture

This is my favorite ruby, please update when you get a chance… thank you!

Joel M.'s picture

Another request for a 2014 version! I use this rb lots!

aaron's picture

is it available for Sketch up 2014 yet? Its such a time saver!

Chris M's picture

Hi Chris, thank you, it's great extension I use all the time.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be compatable with Sketchup 2014. The file is still 1.710. If this is incompetence my end I apologise.

Colin M's picture

Why does it rotate along any axis? In your tutorial video it looks like it just rotates along the green and red axis

Krist A's picture

Genius dud ... many thnx

Rokas's picture

it would be a lot better if you could paint only on one surface. What hapeens now, my painted trees end up placed on previously painted trees...

Guibin C's picture

like itoosoft forest

Joe H's picture

why did i get scale and rotate downloaded when i bought repeat copy?

tomasz c's picture


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Chris Fullmer's picture

The recent updates mostly were to make it EW compliant.  I don't think I added any new functions or features.

tomasz c's picture

what is new in 1.710 ?

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