Curic Behavior
Controls which scale tool handles appear and Always face camera.
Curic Behavior

Controls which scale tool handles appear and Always face camera.



Very original and useful extensions. Keep it up!

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It is control which scales tool handle appears and always face camera. The video reveals the exact details of the curia behaviour. Even better a mirror prevents the birds from knowing you are. Mirror selected objects by picking 1/2/3 points to define a point/line/plane.rijksmuseum tour

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It could also be working with loose geometry, not only with groups and components.

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Bhai bhalo lagche app ta.


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All your plugins are great !
Intelligent and smart work.
Thank you.
Is it possible buttons for scale axes to be active by default ? (For now I have to click SketchUp ScaleTool and after it - your tool ?)

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I just updated it, please try again!

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Version 1.0.1 = No change (?) What number have to be updated one ?

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Another SU frustration defeated :D

How did you get this software i search everywhere but i can't find it so can you please help to find this software actually i need
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I needed this plug-in! It will be helpful for completion of my thesis paper on architecture. I was looking for any ways to facilitate the process of preparation of the college project. Thank you!

wow! I like the plug-in from the Curic .easy to understand. than you very musch..sir

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Very original and useful extensions. Keep it up!

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