Oob terrain
Create 3D terrains based on Nasa SRTM or Google data
Oob terrain

Download the extension here: http://oob.duckdns.org/terrain/

Build 3D terrains based on SRTM 3 data (Nasa USGS: https://lpdaac.usgs.gov/ ) or Google elevation data.

Up to 50 km long (2500 km², 1000 square miles).

You can get the meam altitude of the terrain and build the mean planes (horizontal and tilted). 

New: export your terrain to 3D DXF file (AutoCAD, TureView ...).


  • Geolocate your project using the location toolbar
  • Click on Oob terrain button
  • Optionaly: Generate a texture from Google map 
  • Set the size of the terrain, click on "Build" button, it's done.



plugin shows: "
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Refresh the page. "

after pressing refresh there is a message:

"Authorization Required
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Jim A.'s picture

Very promising - but currently for me on Su2017 Pro on Mac, it's buggy. There are a number of issues:

1. Basic functionality doesn't work. I can't get a high-res Google Earth Texture-mapped terrain.

I can get detailed terrains with a street view texture, but not Google Earth. Let's be honest, most people will want a satellite image textured terrain.

This is a basic failure of the program. The function shown in the video on YouTube doesn't work properly, as least not for everyone.

I should have used the trial first before paying, but I didn't...

2. You really need a 'Start' button to initiate the plugin instead of it starting automatically.

3. There should be an option to set a default terrain size. 1000m is too big for most projects

4. There should be an imperial units option for our friends in the US who still use archaic measurement units...

5. There should be a way of hiding the licensing information. THere is a way of hiding the main dialog, but not the licence panel. Why?

6. The terrain is built in individual sections. These are individual groups, so if you want to manipulate the terrain as a whole, you have to group them. Or possibly explode and group them.

7. The terrain should be placed on its own layer automatically, or at least have an option to do this, with a default layer, or even better, the option to put it on an existing layer

8. The terrain should have an option to be smoothed. Who wants an unsmoothed terrain map? One of the first things most people will do is smooth it. THats fine for WIndows users with the silly tray thing, but on the Mac, you can hide these dialogs altogether, and the Soften Edges is one that is often hidden.

9. The UI is too big. On my MacBook Air, it takes up 30% of my SketchUp window, and it's completely unnecessary. It's twice as big as it ought to be.

Is it worth $9? In its current state, no. PC users might be okay, but Mac users - nope.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon. If all these issues are addressed, it will be a really cool tool.

In the meantime though, it's just promising...

Stefan O's picture

Hello Jim, thank you for your message.
I need to check on a Mac before answering your points.
What version of Mac OSx are you using?
Best regards, Stéphane.

Jim A.'s picture

Hi Stephane,

High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88)



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