Explodes model and groups all entities by layer or material

GroupBy allows you, in a single step, to explode the entire model and regroup all geometry by either layer or material.  Features single-step undo.

This plugin was developed to assist in preparing models for export to other software for rendering, but you may find other uses for it as well.


Nice Informaiton about  material and very nice feature  

Hello, this program interests me a lot to perform analysis for my graduation project in Architecture, but for some reason once under the program, nothing happens; does not open the plug in .. I do not know if there is an extra step to install it in sketchup .. If anyone knows anything about it, I appreciate your help.

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could we have a 2016 version?

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generally plugins that work in SU 2014 / SU 2015 will also work in SU 2016.

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Excellent plug-in! Would be great "in selection or all in model" option. Thanks!

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