Super Section
Places an existing section cut on its own layer and it's own scene, and aligns the view.
Super Section

The Super Section plugin is used to create 2D slices through your model.  (Timber Framers:  think bent sections and wall sections).  

Make a section cut in your model, then right-click on the resulting section plane.  A new menu option, super section will be available.  Click that, provide a name, and the plugin will run.

It will place the section cut on its own layer with its own scene.  The new layer will be visible only on that scene - not in any existing scenes, or future scenes that you add.  It also switches the camera from perspective to parallel projection, and aligns the view with the section plane for that scene.

The new layer will be the active layer when the plugin finishes.  Anything you add to this layer, like labels and dimensions, will only be visible in this scene.  Create as many super sections as you like.  Nothing you add will be visible on any other scenes.  

I suggest you create an ordinary scene tab for your model before you use the super-section plugin, to easily go back to a standard 3d view.

*** New in version 1.1.1: Support for horizontal sections.


Hi, I tried to install it for sketchup 2017 but it is not digitally signed.


I am having a problem in sketchup pro 2017 when using the super section, when i make a section then right click and choose super section then i write the name and click OK, i dont get the section i want only the right view, i am the only one with that problem ?

I have used this in the past with excellent results. But when downloading this recently, I have the same problem. It doesn't actually generate the section groups on the plane. The layer is there, but it doesn't create any geometry. Too bad. this was a really nice extension. Yeah- I get the message about missing digital maybe the developer abandoned it.

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Wonduful stuff. keep it up.

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Thank you. I really feel like flying. This is great news to me.

Tom S's picture

is your super section available for Sketchup 2016 ?

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Yes, I tested it on 16. I just updated the description to say that yesterday.

Tom W's picture

Very useful. Any chance you could create a pro_version that does hatch fills as well?


Gert S's picture

Genius, This makes my life so much easier!
Thank you

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i got it but still confuse to get it in work could u please help me out.

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super section is great, is there any way to bind it ? in other meaning i want to make the sliced component as final component without the super section scene.
any reply would be helpful
thank you.

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Not sure what you mean, exactly. The scene and layer creation are the main point of the plugin. If you just want the view, create a section, and then right click on it, and choose "align view". Change the camera to "parallel projection" if you want.

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GREAT STUFF! thx so so much for sharing this plugin with a begganer

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Is this compatible with SU 2014? I installed the plug in successfully before and it still exists in my download folder but it does not seem to appear in SU any longer.

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Yes. it's compatible with SU14. You say "it does not seem to appear is SU". Where are you looking? You have to right click on a section plane, and it should be in the context menu.

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It's working..thanks for the plugin :)

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wow, that's really great extansion, thank you very much

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Παναγιωτης Π.'s picture

Thanks for sharing !! Really usefull plugin

Bong D's picture

thanks for sharing.. indeed a useful tool.

Fred F's picture

Great plugin!
Wish it would automatically do "Create Group From Slice"...and then "Make Faces" in the resulting group! (gives you colored "fill" in within the section lines)
THAT would be awesome.
But this is great...a very useful tool. Thank you!

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why is not necessary to switch off the section plane in 2014? could you explain that?

daiku's picture

Because the required API call was not added until SU2014.

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download it and went to preference to try install but somehow i can't find the install button ?
i'm using sketchup pro version

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If you can't get it to install directly from the warehouse, here are the manual steps:

• Download the file CB_SuperSection_1.1.0.rbz.
• In Sketchup, from the main menu, select Window | Preferences. (Sketchup | Preferences on a Mac)
• Choose Extensions from the menu on the left.
• Press the Install Extension button.
• Browse to the file CB_SuperSection_1.1.0.rbz that you downloaded in the first step.
• Answer “yes” to all the warnings.
• Restart Sketchup.

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thanks for a great plugin. I am getting good results using it in tandem with SectionCutFace.

my only complaint refers to the fact that you did not intend it to work for horizontal sections? would it be to complicated to do so? it would make your plugin even more useful as rarely one creates only vertical sections when making construction drawings.

best regards.

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Working on it now. Look for a new version about the time SU14 comes out. CB.

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Clark, just discovered this very useful plugin. I notice that contrary to the other posts, it does work for horizontal sections. The only part that does Not work is the automatic positioning to the top view. Once I manually did that after creating the supercut, the plugin works just like the vertical cut.
Did I miss something and you updated the plugin since the previous comments?

It would be useful if you could automate the step in which the section plane is turned off

In any event: top notch addition to my presentations! Thank you.

daiku's picture

I was able to automate the step that makes the section plane invisible (turned off, as you say), but it requires a new feature that won't be available until SU 14 comes out in a few weeks. I'm working on getting it working properly for horizontal sections. CB.

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This seems an awesome plugin but for some reasons I can't find the installed plugin in sketchup. I installed it and I activated it in the preferences windows. But I can't find this tool under plugins or tools nor can I create the toolbar. So what can I do to find it or make it work. I tried to uninstall it but this didn't work either. Thanks for any help.

edit: Ok, I missed the point that there isn't an extra toolbar for it, found it now.

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Thanks for this plugin. It's a really useful way of keeping track of sections. When working on bigger models, i find it so easy to setup up scenes with the wrong section active.
My one gripe is that this plugin violates one of my golden rules, which is to NEVER change the active layer from layer zero, i only assign finished components to layers. (Well, that and the horizontal plan section thing).
If i keep using this, i know it's only a matter of time before i start drawing or editing stuff on the wrong layer.
Is it an easy fix for me to just delete the line of code that switches the active layer, then carry on using the plugin?
Unfortunately i'm no a programmer, but does it have something to do with the line:
mm.active_layer = layer
Can i just remove that line?

daiku's picture

Yes, that would do it.

John K's picture

Hi Clark Great plugin, what a time saver,
but for cabinetry I really need Horizontal sections as well. Sometimes just as many or more than vertical. Will you be fixing it to work with both planes?

James Ogston - (SEEIT3D)'s picture

Have a bug here Clark - how do i send to you?

Hans H's picture

Hi Clark. Nice section tool. I try to do a horisontal sektion for to make a plan(top) View. It makes a perspective section.
Hans Hovland

daiku's picture

I guess I did not intend it to work for horizontal sections. Sorry.

daiku's picture

Just added the Horizontal feature for version 1.1.1.

Saurabh Gayali's picture

At 3:18 min, I see name tags visible in scene 1, but it was told it will only appear in newly created scene 3???

daiku's picture

Well, sketchup will show all the objects that are visible in a scene as soon as you select the scene tab, even though it has not yet positioned the camera in the new location. Have you tried the plugin and are you experiencing a different behavior?

John F's picture

Does not work correctly with Mac OS X 10.7.5 in either Sketchup 8 or 2013. The plugin creates a scene but it is not aligned with the section cut.

daiku's picture

Hi John. Sorry to hear you are having problems. Aligning the veiw to the section cut was tricky to implement, even on windows. I'm not doing anything mac-specific, as far as I know, but I was not able to test it on the mac. If you right click on a section plane, you get the option to align the view. But that functionality is not something we can use in the API. I had to simulate all the steps. Anyone else having a problem on mac?

Workaround: Right click on the section plane, and choose "align view". Then right click on the scene tab, and choose "update".

João's picture

This automates the exact process used to create section, elevation or plan views.

Its absolutely simple and brilliant. The only thing I would ask for is the possibility to pick an existing style for the new scene by default... I guess it's not hard and I'm only being too lazy!

Thank you!

Steven S's picture

I like the functionality and ease. There seems to be a glitch though -- the named scene tab does not default back to the named section layer, but always returns to layer 0.

The named layer is turned on and the other named layers are turned off properly, but the scene does not default back to the named layer.

I'm using SU2013 on a Windows 7 Ultimate platform.



daiku's picture

Do you mean which layer is the "active" layer when you switch scenes? This is normal Sketchup behavior. Your active layer cannot be hidden, so if you switch to a scene that has the section layer hidden (which is any scene other than the section scene), Sketchup will activate Layer 0. Sketchup does not save the active layer when it saves a scene.

Steven S's picture

Yes, I had thought that the active layer was supposed to default back to the same named Super Section layer/scene when the scene was recalled, so that all information we added (notes and dims) on that scene were always restricted to that scene. Rather, we simply remember to activate the corresponding section layer when we change scenes.

No big deal -- the add on is really excellent, and I thank you for it!


Serafim A's picture

Thank you, nice plugin. Installed to SU 8 Pro (Windows 7-64) and seems to work fine.


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