AMS Window Settings
Allows switching SketchUp fullscreen and toggling visibility of various elements of the window.
AMS Window Settings



Allows switching SketchUp fullscreen and toggling the visibility of menu bar, toolbar containers, status bar, scenes bar, and various other elements of the window. This tool might come in useful for those with small monitors or who aim to get the maximum out of their rendering. This tool will not work without the AMS Library. Make sure that you have it installed too. See the requirements section below or refer to the homepage.


(Menu) Window → Settings → [Option]


  • Test through menu options and the dialog, you'll figure it out.
  • You may also assign shortcuts, such as F11 to toggle SU fullscreen, or F12 to toggle menu bar.


  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • SketchUp 6 or later. This works on both 32 and 64 bit SketchUp applications.
  • AMS Library 3.4.0+


Thanks for useful info

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Rory  T's picture

I Teach SU and one of the strong points I make may contradict some users comments, but it also may explain the philosophy of SU.

Many are recommending that Anton's Extensions should be part of sketchup because its so good, However its because of SU Philosophy of Keeping the Core Stable and Basic over the years, that allowed Developers like Anton to use his brilliant skills to write extensions. The benefit of this approach is that as a SU User you now decide which features you need and only install those extensions and not end up with a software package with a million buttons like every other 3D Software.

So no matter when anyone is introduced to SU, the interface will always be the same, and you the user decide on its complexity by loading the relevant Extensions.

I am also a Wordpress Devloper, which is one of the largest Platforms, and they also subscribe to the exact philosophy. Now they have the larges Developer community with Plugins for just about everything, but at its core, anyone can pick up a copy and learn the core basics, complexity is dependent on how many plugins you want to install ( "Extensions" in the case of SU )

Hope that helps Someone.

Arash S's picture

Nice, Thanks
Is it work with SU2016?

Archiactivity's picture

Just Amazing! Really fine for a small monitor! Thanks!

BesogonBoy B.'s picture

This plugin is very very right and very coool!!!

Anton_S's picture

Thank You! :D

can u blend its looks to SU 2017? no black no green, just like default :D Really cool and useful oh and yea, the maximized option (no border, no toolbars, no menu, no status bar) has a bug when selecting objects, the Square thing that shows when you try to left click/right click then drag down to select objects, it wont show if all are turned off .....

Nelson G's picture

Congratulations on the plug-in. Really very good. I also agree that would need to be part of SketchUp.
I created a shortcut to thoroughly clean the screen and another to return with all menus and bars that I normally use. It is very fast. Excellent to give a presentation or even clear the screen to display better.

Anton_S's picture

Thank You!

Doug G's picture

Won't work with current version of SketchUp.

How do I remove it?

Anton_S's picture

It should work with all SU versions on Windows. Did you download the latest version of AMS Library? AMS Library a requirement of this plugin. Meantime, if you're willing to remove, go to C:\Users\[YOUR_NAME]\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 201[n]\SketchUp\Plugins\ and erase ams_WindowSettings.rb and ams_WindowSettings folder.

Ferdinand M's picture

nice! I'm gonna try this. Thanks!

Mark S's picture

Hello Anton.

I love the idea of this extension, but I am getting some strange screen artifacts. When I move to full screen or even just remove the main SU menu, a bit of the build space at the bottom of the screen becomes frozen and duplicated. Also, when moving to full screen, the bar at the bottom of SU that contains the measurements box and the helpful notifications is duplicated vertically, which is wiping out the benefit for me. Any idea why this might be happening?

Anton_S's picture

I think this is happening because the window fails to redraw.
To help me zero in on the bug, I would like to know some info:
- Which windows version are you using? XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8?
- Which theme are you using? Aero, Basic, Classic, or High Contrast ones?


Mark S's picture

Hi Anton.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, and I believe I am using an aero style theme.

Anton_S's picture

Hmm, I'm using Win7 and aero style theme too, but it works well. I will look into this.

Sean R's picture

I tried installing for 2015, and everytime I open SU 2015, I get an error "SU Window Settings extension requires AMS Library! Download AMS Library, extract it into the Plugins folder..." It doesn't seem that 2015 has a Plugins folder. I've tried copying the AMS library into the ShippedExtensions folder, but that doesn't get rid of the error. I've also tried uninstalling the extension for the Extension Warehouse dialog box, and that doesn't get rid of the error. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled SU 2015, and I still get the error even though I didn't redownload SU Window Settings.

A little annoyed with this pop-up error, do you have any ideas how to get rid of it?

Thank you,

Anton_S's picture

This extension doesn't work in 2015 yet.
Since SU2014 the plugins folder was moved to %appdata%. Don't use the ShippedExtensions folder. Paste this one in the explorer address link and press enter to get there:
%appdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\SketchUp\Plugins

From there you can delete any plugins you'd like, and that's the proper place where all plugins are installed.

Sean R's picture

Thank you Anton. I was able to remove the .rb file from there and now the error message is gone!

Shane B's picture

Will this be updated for Sketchup 2015? It's a really great extension :)

Anton_S's picture


Pieter J's picture

forget it

AC's picture


I have no WS Toolbox/Toolbar listed within View-Toolbars items.
SU 2014 Win 7 Pro 64bit.

Any helpful suggestion, please?

Anton_S's picture

You need latest version. Download it here:

Anton_S's picture

Download the latest version here as this site is not always up to date.

Please remove all window settings menu preferences shortcuts and use the dialog to assign shortcuts instead.

Andy A's picture

i'm sry but i don't have in SKP 2013 Window → Settings → Settings Dialog

Ar. Nitin Sharma's picture

Hi Anton

Seems there's a bug in here.

After installing, every time one presses the ALT key on the keyboard, the menubar (top) visibility gets toggled on & off.

Uninstalling the plugin removes this anomaly. Please check.

I am running 64 bit windows 7 pro/ SU2013 prof.


Ar. Nitin Sharma

Phil R's picture

Could this extension be made to work in Sketchup Viewer for presentation purposes?

Anton_S's picture

I don't think I could make a plugin/extension for SU viewer. SU Viewer is not supported with the plugins feature. However, you could search the Internet for the the APP that will set window fullscreen and stuff...

Phil R's picture

Hi Anton...yep as i suspected...
what exactly do you mean...'the APP that will set window full screen?' (do you mean 'any' window or the sketchup viewer window?

Anton_S's picture

I mean like any window. BTW, why won't you due presentation on SU itself?

Steve M's picture

What a fantastic idea! This feature really needs to be part of Sketchup.
To be able to hide/show lots of toolbars at one time is a very useful tool.

Anton_S's picture

Thank you Steve!

Indeed, it would be nice if SU team made something similar that will also support OSX and Linux!

Hans H's picture

Do you have plan to make this for Mac?

Anton_S's picture

I'll make one for Mac once I get the Mac OS

tito h's picture

great plugin!

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