Curic Mirror
Mirror objects
Curic Mirror

Pick face or edge to mirror selected objects

Ctrl = copy.

Arrow keys = Flip Along.

Tab = Toggle Axes


The Curic Mirror woks fine but was confusing initially. I had to go through my-essayontime com to understand what I was doing wrong. Next time, please try to add a description of methods so that everyone can understand what the video means.

its very nice and work good for me .....Thank you

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Funciona perfectamente!
Very usefull extension!!
Muchas gracias!!!

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damn horrible extension, not userfriendly at all, where is the old extension???

Perfect! A lot of thanks

simple mirror is working fine, but with copy option it does not work (copy of mirroring object is on the same position as original) - on SU2018

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I found that you hold the left mouse button down while dragging to the second mirror point and it's fine.

yes, thats it. Now - without holding any key or mouse button it`s working great!!!

Using SU2018 and the Copy command sometimes work and sometimes doesn't work. Strange.

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nice ,Thank

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Nice script! Similar to TIG's Mirror but this one shows you the mirrored bounding box in advance.

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its very nice and work good for me

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Please add compatibility with MAC OS

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If you push Ctrl key just once (don't keep pressing) and then make the mirror, the copy works on Mac.

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Don't use this for MAC!!!! Copying doesn't work. It was built for PC


How does copying work on a mac? It's just moving the object for me at the moment.


Very good!Thank you very much for your sharing!

Awesome tools

What about us Mac users?

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Currently, I don't have enough money to buy a macOS computer.

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it's easy to use, thanks

doesn't work for me :(


Trying to mirror an irregular curve line to make a plain. Get a green, red cross then can't figure out what to do.h

Keep it up! Thanks

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Thank you very much for your sharing

Worked for me! Thank you!