eyecad VR - Virtual Reality Architecture Software
Realtime rendering software VR oriented. Explore your project in realtime from sketchup 3D models.
eyecad VR - Virtual Reality Architecture Software

FREE DOWNLOAD 14 DAYS TRIAL ON: www.eyecadvr.com

Download and install the Trial version of eyecad VR software before installing this extension!

Through Sketchup plug-in you can GO TO VR in just a click and create awsome rendering in few seconds.

Eyecad VR is a perfect eco-system software for Virtual Reality and Realtime Rendering.



Eyecad VR Softwares allows to you to create fantastic and Interactive VR scene for you and your customers. Use Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or explore with monitor and keyboards/pad. You can also share your VR interactive project with your customer through eyecad VR App available on PlayStore and Soon on AppStore.



- Import your 3d models

- Create realistic materials and make them interactive (choose your combination)

- Set the Environment and verify the sunlight how works in your project (day/night)

- Make everythings Interactive and movable

- GO TO VR on HTC VIVE, OCULUS RIFT, Monitor or CARDBOARD through the eyecad VR app

- Realtime Walk-through


FREE 14 DAYS TRIAL ON: www.eyecadvr.com




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I can't even get the trial to function correctly. I will export my model via the plug-in and will be prompted with the import options on the EyeCAD VR trial, then the program terminates. I then go back to restart the trial and it tells me "It was not possible to install the EyeCAD VR, try to reinstall the software. Beyond irritated...

Very sad because I really loved what I saw in the demo's, but I will not be pursuing any further actions with this product.

Eyecad V.'s picture

Dear Wade,
we are sorry for these issues that you had with eyecad VR.

If you want to solve this problem, is available our techinical support. You can write at info@eyecadvr.com and an operator will help you.

Best Regards,
eyecad VR support

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I can say that I finally found the software I was looking for a long time. It's not a tool, but is the first real Rendering ArchViz Software VR specialized that i've ever tried! Sure, quality for realtime is different from a static rendering software, but is very helpful and fast.
The Extension for SketchUp is good, except that we have to be careful about the normal of the mesh becasue the software reads the positive normal of the meshes.
No coding to interact, Realtime rendering, LightSun setting in VR and in Editor.
The App is a little bit slow during loading the 3D model and i'm waiting for the iOS app but works fine and i can send to my customer fully interactive walkthrough of the project in Virtual reality and normal mode.

highly recommended

Awsome Software!
Finally i will not use Unreal Engine anymore to create Virtual Reality and interactive Architectural Walkthrough!
It's User Friendly and i will not to contact my dev to create code for my personal experience because i can create interaction by my self in a click like, changing materials, opening doors etc..

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you're right!

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