Eneroth Auto Weld
Finds edges that can be welded into curves and welds them. Automatically welds curves generated by Follow Me.
Eneroth Auto Weld

Another weld plugin? Yup, but this one has some unique features.

This plugin doesn't just weld the selected edges together but searches for edges that can be welded and weld them all at once. The search is limited to the selection if there is one, otherwise all edges in the current drawing context are checked.

The plugin also automatically look for edges to weld whenever Follow Me Tool has been used. This means you wont have to deal with all the exploded curves each time you use the tool.

Lastly the plugin forms proper arcs and circles whenever possible, not just generic curves, which among other things allows you to see the radius in Entity Info.

Activate from Extensions > Eneroth Auto Weld > Weld or Toolbar. Settings found under Extensions Eneroth Auto Weld > Settings.


Is 2015 Compatibility on the horizon?

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Unfortunately the encryption used to prevent the source code from being stolen isn't supported by SU 2015. This means neither this or any other of my closed source plugins can work in version 2015. However they work from version 2016 and upwards.

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Eneroth Auto Weld (1.0.0); October 10, 2017
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