UV Toolkit²
Suite of UV mapping tools.
UV Toolkit²


  • Copy UV Coordinates
  • Paste UV Coordinates
  • Save/Restore UV data with face
  • Transfer materials and UV mapping between front and back
  • Stretch texture to quad-face
  • Rotate textures fitted to quad-faces

Menus & Toolbars

  • Toolbars » UV Toolkit²
  • Plugins » UV Toolkit²


  • TT_Lib² — 2.7.0

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Cameron T's picture

This looks cool. Does the UV work on parallelogram quad faces?

Giuseppe T's picture

Hello, I have a problem with the plugin, I can't use the "remember uv" don't say "experimental". I've sketch up 2016

Not working.I followed the first step but nothing is happening that happen at .43

tomasz c's picture

simply briliant

gty F.'s picture

Thank you so much!!!

昇典 鄒.'s picture


Alejandro G's picture

I can't find the extension in my interface.

Tiago T's picture

Probably a requirement fault

Evgeny S's picture

Great Plugin. Thanks to all your plugins Skethup is much more productive and efficient ! THANK YOU ThomThom :)

hayesdavies's picture

Can’t install it.
Also if that’s a tutorial it’s a pretty vague one but thanks anyway.

It is quite hard to understand - is there any complete tutorial anywhere?

deagson M.'s picture

QuadFace Tools???