s4u Export Scenes
Export Scenes to JPG or PNG images.
s4u Export Scenes

Export Scenes to JPG or PNG images.

Rename Scenes : Menu Extensions -> Suforyou -> Export Scenes -> Rename Scenes


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I just purchased the extension and clicked "Install within Sketchup" but was led to a page that says "The requested page could not be found." Is the download working?



Plug-in is not exporting any files to the folder I choose. Could you please tell me what I can do to make it work?


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Nowhere can I find the plug-in exporting all scenes in dxf
Perhaps you can add this format.
Thank you.

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I think the Skalp plugin is your best option if you want to export scenes to dxf.

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About Scalp I know and it was the first thought. But all scenes can not be exported

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Hello Stat T, I just did a test with Skalp version 2.0. After choosing "Export to DXF" you have to choose "All Scenes" in the drop down window under "Export type":)

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Have you seen or tried?
Check the result, it = 0

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When I export the scenes they are all the same image from the current selected scene!! I have the trial, is this the trial limitation ?

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Select menu Window - Model info - Animation , uncheck "Enable scene transitions"

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Crikey this tutorial is so fast its pretty useless.

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Please to see this video : https://youtu.be/RI6ktQi9kbo

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