Layers Organizer
A powerful alternative to the native Layers, allowing grouping, sorting and a bunch more productivity functionality
Layers Organizer

Group and sort layers to better organise your model and reduce visual noise. Save layer states that you can name, recall and apply to other scenes. Control the visibility setting of new layers in other scenes. Integration features with our other plugin, Cross Reference Organizer, to better manage layers from Cross Referenced components, and a bunch more productivity functionality. NOTE: This is a considerably modified and bug fixed product based on the free, open source version of Layers Panel, which may suit your needs. 

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Wahyu Eko Setiawan's picture

this is great tools, nice.

Thank you, I'm glad you find it useful.

For those concerned about the inoperative Redo function. I have contacted my developer. The issue is the interoperability between Layers Organizer and Cross Refernece Organiser. The operations disrupt the redo stack. As his schedule opens up, we will be discussing options.

Timothy E's picture


If you think Layers Organizer may be repairable, I'd like to wait a bit longer, as LO is tremendously useful, and my workaround cumbersome. But as a Sketchup newbie, I frequently try out experiments which I expect to undo, either to abandon forever or to implement with greater precision. I commonly undo dozens of steps and frequently overshoot and need to use Redo, which works perfectly until a branch.

Thank you for the offer to refund the money I paid but, if it comes to that, we will have to arrange something other than Paypal, which I have not used for a number of years after a series of unfortunate events. If you can get your developer to think about the problem in a new way and fix it, I will delete all my old messages at the Extension Warehouse and write you a glowing review. I am a great fan of all but the loss of Redo.

Thank you for looking again,
Tim Erickson

Hi Tim,
Having a day job means I can't respond as quickly as I'd like always.
I have now briefed my developer.
I'll keep you posted.

Timothy E's picture


Time has elapsed since my original posts, with no bug-fix evident, nor comment on my suggestion as to a possible fix. Loss of ReDo is crippling. Sorry, I can't use your plug-in and think that you should either repair it or make clear in advertising it that it has this extreme side-effect. I have disabled my copy and would request that you provide a plug-in that doesn't break this essential aspect of Sketchup, or refund the money spent on this plug-in, unusable in its current form.

For the benefit of others wanting the hierarchical ordering offered by Layers Organizer, rather than the alphabetical ordering of native Sketchup Layers, my current simpleminded workaround is to prefix my layers with a numerical index in 3 fields, which is deep enough for my current project. Certainly not as elegant or efficient as LO, but doesn't break ReDo, and keeps things organized hierarchically. e.g.:

07 03 02 Techo-Bloc Components, Lower Deck Segment, Field Pavers

Tim Erickson

Hi Tim,
My apologies in not replying - I didn't circle back as I intended.
I have booked time with my developer to have another look at this.
I am happy to refund your money. Please send me a paypal address, and the address by which you purchased your copy.
I understand that Redo is useful, and not to devalue what you say, but just to hightlight that when backtracking with Undo, as soon as you make a change to your model, you no longer have Redo available to you anyway.

Steve L's picture

Hi George - will definitely purchase once the redo ability in Sketchup is no longer compromised. Such a pity for what otherwise would be an essential plugin.

Timothy E's picture

I purchased this plugin last week and am addicted, but also troubled by fact that it breaks my 'redo' functionality. I have to be very careful about holding ctrl-z to undo a long sequence of commands because if I overshoot, I'm unable to automatically redo the extra undone commands. There is web discussion about this problem and its possible fix in 2017, but I'm using 2018 and new to Layers Organizer, it seems as if the bug is back, or wasn't fixed. It could be me, as a newbie, or possibly not, since the correlation between enabling Layers Organizer and losing redo is 100 for me. Is there a workaround or an imminent bug patch coming? This my first paid extension, so I hope you can help me.

Hi Timothy,
Regrettably, my developer has not been able to find a work around for Redo. It was a choice between Undo and Redo!
Can you tell me where I can find that web discussion?



Timothy E's picture

Hi George,

is a discussion that pointed a finger at Layers Organizer and encouraged me to test to see it LO was the culprit in my case. It is difficult for me to imagine a logical scenario where redo works, but undo doesn't, so I am not sure what your developer is trying to say. How about turning off the offending operation within Layers Organizer during undo, and turning LO back on when another subsequent operation other than redo has occurred?


Ken S's picture

First many thanks to Jiminy for the original. I both loved it and hated it when it blew up but it was a missing link as far as sketchup was concerned. Many thanks for your efforts.
Bought the new one and while it appears an improvement it many respects the graphical interface can still learn a great deal from the original. The groups need to be much easier to identify visually and the on/off state is a struggle to see. Just look at the stronger graphics in the original and work towards that. Otherwise well done.

Regards Ken

Ken, you'll be pleased on one score: the new version has made it graphically easier to distinguish groups.
Version 2 is available on our website now. It is a free upgrade.

Денис З's picture

Awesome plugin.
Totally a 'must have' while operating with large, complex projects as it provides folding, sorting and assigning layers with almost one click.

BUT it faces 1 enormous problem - while using CRO, updating referenced models completely destroys all & any job done in Layers Organizer in both referenced file and file where that one is being referenced.
So, if project has 40+ layers overall (btw, mine has ~70 layers/part with 5 parts all in all), all bonuses from Cross Reference & Layers Organizers can burn in hellfire.
Thus, unfortunatelly, it's not worth a coin while this problem persists. :_(

On the other hand, these two plugins might become Ultimate Problem Solvertron for anyone working massive stuff in Sketchup.
Please, please, please, improve it, so that people like me could happily bring you our money.

Also, it would be extremely cool, if you could add couple of buttons for fast expanding/colapsing all layer groups (maybe even for each nesting level), as sometimes (with 20+ groups) this operation becomes very annoying.

You losing your groupings as you describe seemed to be an isolated incident. I believe I reached out to you some time ago to get more information. I have just had one other user contact me with a groupings loss. Bugs can be hard to track down, so it would be great if you could contact me to describe the situation in more detail and tell me if it has happened again.

Manuel V.'s picture

Here the same,
It has happened the second time.
The project will be closed in the evening. (Everything sorted and grouped nicely)
When opening the project the next day all folders are gone.

extremely annoying.
Fortunately, I came across the "History" option in which you can restore an old state.

(I do not use the described plugin "CRO")

greetings from germany

Hi Manuel,
You can contact me directly on

My developer asks:
1) Do you recall if you saved your model before closing it? It's possible if the only changes that were made were in LO, then SketchUp didn't prompt him to save the model which would mean that he would have lost the changes if he just closed it.
Edit: IN OTHER WORDS: It is possible that changes done in the plugin don't register as changes to SU, so it might not prompt you to Save the changed file.

2) Has this happened since and under what circumstances?

This seems to have happened to a small handful of people.
I have never encountered it but can readily understand how annoying it would be.

I had asked others who had experienced this for further information and collaboration in order to find the problem, but did not hear back.

I will ask my developer to contact you and hope you have a little time to help us find the problem.

Tried it and bought it immediately. A well designed extension. Would be even better if it was a tray dialog, but that's probably beyond what the extension api allows.

This is so well designed, and so sorely needed, that it's not hard to expect it to enter a future version of Sketchup.

Nice job, George T !

Many thanks Jack.
Must acknowledge that the original plugin - Layers Panel - was designed by Jiminy Billy Bob and is still available free, but is no longer supported. It may suit many, but in our production environment we needed to ensure a supported product so we have extended the product.

spb_ib's picture

!Thank You George T.! Really great tool!

Thanks Sebastian.

Fernando L's picture

I really like this plugin...I algo got Cross reference and Datum.
Regarding layer organizer when you delete a layer I only show the message if the layer has something inside....I also would add a button to collapse the groups.

mousa A's picture

Great plugin. Thanks !
Adding text field to filter the layers would be awesome!

Hi mousa A,
Thank you for your comment.
Is your suggestion as per vbo solutions', below?

mousa A's picture

Hi George,

Yes, I think it's the same suggestion, it's not a big issue right now, thanks again !

jiminy-billy-bob's picture

Hi, I'm the developer of Layers Panel. I'm really glad someone picked up on it, fixed it, and made it better! :) Thank you for your effort.
I'm happy that making it open source was useful.

Thanks Thomas for your support.
I hope your plugin projects you are working on are going welll.

VBO Solutions's picture

Look like the dialog needs a "filtered" displaying for user easier to find exactly the layer they want to work on at the moment.

Hi, many thanks for the suggestion.
If the plugin sells well, then it will justify further
development, and your suggesrion will be
definitely considered.

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