Soap Skin & Bubble
generate minimal surfaces from edges
Soap Skin & Bubble

This plugin allows you to apply a skin over edges to create complex curved surfaces.

This Plugin is a Time-Limited Demo

Time Limit is April 10, 2019

Faster and more stavle Net generation


thank you so much, you're saved me !!! from sleepless nights.


I've been having some trouble with the extension for a few weeks now - after generating the skin and hitting enter, the grid will populate but then pull towards the centre on 2 outer edges as if it is being bound by a 3rd unknown point (like pulling back a tightly fitted sheet from the centre), rather than forming a perfect skin within my binding lines. In order to have a proper bubble, i need to select each individual line within the skin and pull back to the outer edges, which then gives me an uneven bubble when adding the pressure.

This extension worked fine for me for years, and re-installed after the extension expired. I have tried to delete and re-install the extension but I still have the same issue. I love this extension and use it daily, but it's been costing me valuable time to correct each skin since the issue started.

Any ideas how to fix this? Using SUPro 2015 on MACos Sierra.


Hi. Maybe I'm doing something wrong - but the plugin has expired - will there be an update soon or where do we need to purchase it from somewhere?

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Use the newest Version available here!

If you wanted to make a pay version, I'd be happy to buy this. I use it all the time. Honestly it's kind of problematic for me that it's gone. Thanks!

Me too man, what's wrong? I use it so much, last time was a week ago

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Use the newest Version available here !

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Please, increase maximum vaule of interpolation. 100 is sometimes too little. Give us 250 or even 500. I know that generation would take long then, but it's possible to do.

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The mathematical algorithm has problems with larger structures.

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it says that the plugin is installed but am not able to find the plugin when i open sketchup. where can i find it ? i tried installing and it says "uninstall" so am assuming its already installed and am not able to access it.please help

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Please look at SketchUp Menu " View -> Toolbars" and check "Soap Bubble"


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Hi Josef.
Is it possible to buy this plugin after it expires, because i am getting a warning window that it will expire on april 10.
Thank you for the great plugin.

Hi Josef !

How it will be possible to use after expired date 10 April 2018?

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Just update the extension to the newer one when the other expire.
Been using Josef Extension for years now ;)

Great extension by the way.

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Hi, Josef L. Thanks for you great plugin. I used it on SU 8 pro M2 without problems; but on SU 2013 for Windows 7 64bit, the SSB toolbar not appear whith his icons, but with the green sad emoticons! I tried it, but has a problem when it must wrap and generate a curved skin, the bubble and it goes in "BugSplat" every time. i uninstall and reinstall it, but with the same result. A help please.
Thanks, regards.

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Hi Daniel P, Thanks for submitting the Bug.
It is a incompatibility with SketchUp 2013.
Sorry for my Solution, I remove the Compatibility for SketchUp 2013.
Please use a newer SketchUp Version.
Regards Josef

Thanks for the info - we didnt realise it wasnt compatible with our version so did an upgrade. Our team at is very thankful!

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Great tool, but useless now. Expired. Can't get it to work anymore and have used it for a long time (years). Apparently it is no longer free, but there is no information on price or where to buy it.

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It is still free and available till 04.2018. You probably have the older version which already expired. You need to upgrade or remove the old version and install the new one.

marvelous! keep it around for users in this and all future versionsof Sketchup, please.


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I really love it!

Anyboby can help me in how to install this soap skin bubble plugin to my Sketchup 2014 Guys?..

Hi Gerry!
I am new here today first time and was looking myself to find out things and plug ins and I found out this cool Youtube video,
this and all other videos can help you what and how to install.

take care and good designing!


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I do not recall when I have lost the plugin toolbar. The toolbar has not been loaded.
Plugin is installed with plugin folder in Plugin Sketchup folder.

Is there any solution to this bizarre issue?

Thank you in advance

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When you right-click on free space of your toolbar or the left edge of screen/GUI, there appears the list of toolbars - is there Soap there?

Or launch it via View -> Toolbars.

Sometimes when I have a big stack of loose toolbars, some of them hide behind the other :P

I assume you didn't have Error loading plugin. Tried to restart your computer?

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This plugin is a miracle! Thank you so much!

thank you!!

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This plugin is fantastic! But it would be even more if it could bubble and 'inflate' (adjusting pressure) multiple faces at once :D That would be useful for creating pneumatic structures.
And if the maximum interpolation of the skin was 200 or 250, not 100. With complex shapes 100 is sometimes too little.

The demo show too fast as well as the tone/ pitch is a bit low for any Asian might hear and understand fully ! Sad but it's true to me at age of 65. Sincerely, I would love to download it and give it a try!
Best regards,

Steven Yeung

Thank you so much for evrything

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thank you so much, what a useful plugin.

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Muchas gracias Josef

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thanks a lot's picture

Hey Josef,

I use the Soap Bubble nearly every day in my business designing underground houses. I can get some very sophisticated shapes with it and it makes my business so much less complicated. It is so much easier to use now that you have made the improvements.

You are a legend mate!

Thanks for such a great plugin.

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Hey Josef,

I use the Soap Bubble nearly every day in my business designing underground houses. I can get some very sophisticated shapes with it and it makes my business so much less complicated. It is so much easier to use now that you have made the improvements.

You are a legend mate!

Thanks for such a great plugin.



Thanks so much !


This is a wonderful creation on your part.

Many thanks from an appreciative user!

Best Regards,


Really a nice design of soap skin bubble!


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Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thanks bro.

It gives me an error in which it says to select 3 or more edges in a closed loop although all of my edges are closed

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I'm having the same issue. Just downloaded.

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I am running SU2017 Pro and this is working for me fine. I am wondering if you can explain the relationship of the pressure input to what happens because if I input a 3 and then -1 it goes down past zero to negative 1. But if I input 3 and a 1 it goes down to maybe a 2 but it won't go down further if I input 1 again. Thank you. Great extension for me.

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I'm having the same problem

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Please Download the newest Version from November 19, 2016
Bug fix: On some models it won't inflate.

If you have a Geometry which is not working,
send the model to me and I maybe can fix the Problem.'s picture

This extension is brilliant and my architectural business relies very heavily on it because we design only underground buildings and we use it to generate the earth cover.

However, I very often can't get the bubble to inflate.

On some models it won't inflate at all after the initial inflation and some models it will only inflate little bit even with high values in the pressure input.

I would be be very grateful for advice on problems with inflation.

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