Blank Slate Nesting
2D Nesting Feature for SketchUp + Import from iOS sketch app
Blank Slate Nesting

Blank Slate SketchUp Plugin

Our plugin adds two separate features to SketchUp:


Feature #1 -- 2D Nesting for SketchUp: preparing designs for laser cutting just got easier!

Export flatpack parts for 2D nesting to create an optimized SVG file for laser cutting. Our automated nesting enables better efficiency by packing together 2D shapes for laser, plasma and water cutting.  Nesting is a process for tightly arranging shapes to minimize waste and reduce fabrication time.  Our goal is to provide a fast solution that gives you much better material usage.


Feature #2 -- Import 2D sketches from our sketch iPad app.

Our iOS sketch design tool, Zotebook, recognizes your rough 2D sketches and turns them into precise CAD files for laser cutters or 3D printers. This plugin allows files to be imported from Zotebook into SketchUp for 3D editing.


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OK so I tried it and the concept is good but the actual results were terrible. My test project was pretty simple and all right angles to boot. The SVG file that was generated had a good optimized layout but the images were all jacked. The radius's were not smooth and a lot of the right angles were now skewed. If I were to cut this on my laser there is no way it would fit together. I would agree with Barry that the pricing is pretty steep. I would also prefer a dxf file.

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As a follow up - I can confirm that version 1.1.6 corrects the issues I had with skewed right angles and poor quality radiuses

Hi Mike - We'd like to try and get you set up for success with nesting your project correctly. You can reach us directly via

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Thanks, I emailed Support as well as Kyle.

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A continuous monthly subscription does not fit in with my work flow. It's a lot of money down the drain if I don't use it for a few months. What about the option of per job pricing?

Barry - thank you for the feedback!

This is a new feature and we want to find the best pricing model for our customers -- your feedback is very much appreciated. Early adoptors recommended that we offer unlimited nesting at a low monthly price. Please feel free to email me directly if you'd like to talk further about pricing options:


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But I can't find the price and how to buy this?

Thanks for the feedback! We'll make the process flow cleaner -- sorry for the speed bump!

Until then, you can go to and click on "Nesting" feature to see the pricing details.

New users get a trial subscription for 2 weeks of unlimited nesting at no charge. After that we charge a monthly subscription. Users always have the option to cancel at anytime from the account page.

Very cool! Dissassembles and nests!

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Looks great, guys! A much needed extension for folks with laser cutters at their disposal.

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